Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello December

On this Monday morning, a mere 24 days before Christmas, how 'bout a list, 'cuz blogging in December? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Especially 'nobody' with a wedding on their calendar this time next month.

Okay, a list. Not checkin' it twice either, 'cuz see above-

1.  We have a wedding happening in a month!

2.  But first, Christmas!

3.  Thanksgiving happened.

4.  So did this-

5. Eight inches of wet, heavy, gorgeous snow the day before Thanksgiving.

Heavy wet snow is the most beautiful kind of snow. Also the most problematic, but beautiful nonetheless.

And we had dinner with our neighbors, so travel wasn't a concern. Our satellite was out the entire day so we missed the parade, but our neighbors TV was working, so we did manage to see a little football that afternoon. Oh, and hubs ran in the local early morning 5K, but I called in sick. Or sane.

Who runs a 5K with that much snow on the ground?

A lot of people, but I wasn't one of them this year. Actually it wasn't so much the snow as the cold that convinced me I should stay home and make pie crust instead.

6. Initially when I realized hubs and I would be on our own this year I thought I might feel a little sad not to be cooking the big feast. On the day though, it was such a blessing to know I only had to make a pie and the sweet potatoes. See #1.

7. We spent most of Thanksgiving weekend decorating for Christmas. Not nearly as much fun without my girls home to help, but they won't arrive until mid-month, and I need Christmas tree lights in my life in December.

January too.

8. I left a few of their favorite ornaments in boxes for them to add when they come home.  Daughter1 has most of her ornaments with her, but one or two are still in my possession. And I have all of Daughter2's here because a gradual handover of precious memories is easier on a mother's heart.

9. I haven't taken any pictures yet because its all still only three quarters done. Today I will re-run two errands hubs and I ran yesterday because sometimes that's how it goes.

We needed one more box of lights for our stair garland and even though we double checked the color in the store, when we got home we discovered we'd bought a box of all red lights.

10. I also picked up candles for my Advent wreath and I even congratulated myself for bringing along one from last year that fits the holder so I'd get the correct size. For some reason I bought three pink and one purple when what I really needed was three purple and one pink. Bother. 

11.  And wouldn't be the official start of the Christmas season, without a link to my absolute favorite song.  Casting Crowns version of I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day...never have the lyrics felt more true...

May there be peace in your Monday and in your heart this December. 


  1. Lovely post, and am so glad you have all that snow, and we don't! But it really does put you in the spirit, right?

  2. Hub and I had part of our Thanksgiving without daughters, also :( just not the same. The snow is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Send some my way!

  3. That is my most favorite Christmas song of all, too! Your snow sure looks lovely! We had just about an inch, so it didn't really interfere with anything here. Of course, it was all gone in a couple of days.

  4. I am glad you had a minute of calm before the rest of this month becomes overwhelming. There is so much to look forward to! I am looking forward to having a White Christmas in Indiana because we had a very balmy Thanksgiving in Dallas. But, it was wonderful to be with family there. God's blessings on all of your upcoming endeavors.

  5. What GORGEOUS snow pictures! Soo pretty. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving in spite of not having your girls there. We gathered with two of ours which left two of them out but it was still good. It is hard to share with "in-laws" on the holidays, but I have gotten used to it. Sounds like your decorating goes a lot like ours. Glad to have gotten ours out of the way. Enjoy your week!

  6. That snow really is pretty. You are ahead of me in the decorating department! I put the wreath on the front door and that was it so far.
    I can certainly sympathize with your wedding coming up. Our sons was the 21 st of December and it was a hectic holiday season.
    Enjoy your Christmas lights!

  7. I was pleasantly relieved not to have the motherlode of Thanksgiving hosting this year. Had some snow the day before but nothing like yours. Wowsers. Kudoes to hubby for running the 5K. That's dedication (insanity?)

  8. I am always happy to see snow in photos!! :)

    I enjoyed your update, list-style. Will look forward to the tree photos, once the girls have completed it for you!

  9. Well, no doubt the holidays will be very different from now on, and, like me, I'm sure you will make it work. What other choice do we have?

    I'm so excited about the wedding and can't wait to hear all about it and to see pics. It brings back such fond memories for me. Our daughter and SIL's 12th anniverary is this Sat.

    Happy first week of December!

  10. Can't imagine running in that snow and cold weather......
    Well it sounds like your on your way to getting things done!
    I still can't believe it is December.