Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Hodgepodge

Welcome to another week in the Wednesday Hodgepodge. If your week is like my week, you're busy, so thank you for taking the time to play along today. Here we go-

1. What is one new holiday tradition you'd like to establish, or one you've established recently, say in the last year or two?

Advent. I didn't grow up celebrating Advent in any sort of intentional way, but I try to do that now.  I did grow up 'unofficially' marking the season with church programs, special music, carol sings, watching my mother set out her beautiful nativity and hang her 3 Kings tapestry, and all of that was wonderful and meaningful, but I don't think we marked the days one by one. I really enjoy the early morning quiet in front of my Christmas tree, with my Bible and Advent devotional -The Greatest Gift

2. It's the second week of December. Have you sipped a cup of eggnog yet this month? Wrapped a gift? Opened a gift? Kissed someone under the mistletoe? Lit a candle? Eaten a Christmas cookie? Seen Santa in person? Watched a Christmas movie or special? Read scripture relating to the birth of Jesus?

I like eggnog okay, but I'd rather spend my holiday calories on a cookie, so no eggnog this year. I have wrapped a gift or two, but I'm a little behind on this one. I haven't opened any gifts yet. No to the mistletoe, but I'm not opposed to it-ha! I burn candles year round, and my home is full of them at Christmastime. It's 6:30 AM and I have one burning in my kitchen right now. As far as I'm concerned one can never have too many candles.  

I've sampled a Christmas cookie (possibly two), and have also seen Santa. He was at a fundraiser we attended this past Sunday. I have not watched a single Christmas movie or special yet this year. I'm stockpiling the movies for a pajama day once both my girls are home. I read scripture relating to the birth of Jesus every day during the month of December. He's the reason for the season! 

While I'm on the subject-what's the big deal about saying Merry Christmas? I don't get why that's offensive, and why in heaven's name we need to label something a 'holiday tree'? If you don't believe, then don't celebrate Christmas, but for those who do can't we just agree to call it what it is-Christmas?

3. Do you think it's better to be an adult or a child at Christmastime? Explain.

I think both are wonderful, but the best thing in my mind is to be an adult with small people living under your roof.

Small people enthralled with the magic of twinkle lights and Christmas trees and waiting for Santa. Small people who sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing slightly off key because they learned it from their momma. 

4. It's often said, 'Good things come to those who wait'...agree or disagree? Why?

Sometimes. And sometimes you snooze you lose.  It depends what we're talking about, but yes I think it can be true.  I think waiting is something of a lost art.  As it relates to Christmas, the waiting for it to get here is one of my favorite parts. 

5. What's the last sweet thing you baked? Did you keep it, take it to a party/event, or give it away?

I baked two batches of cookies yesterday (Monday)...Butterfingers cookies to send to my future son-in-law, and candy cane snowballs, which I have to say are both pretty and delicious. 

I posted this picture on Instagram and had a request for the recipe so am linking to it here.  I'm giving the Butterfingers cookies away, and will take some of the snowballs to a Christmas party this weekend. 

6.  This question comes to us courtesy of Jhona who blogs over at The Red House at the End of the Lane. Everyone hop over and say hi to Jhona this week!  Here is her question... "I heard an actor talk about how he makes a conscious choice to talk to people in elevators.  He chooses to connect, make eye contact, and converse. Do you talk to people/strangers when you're in an elevator or any other place where you might have to wait together? Why or why not?"

Sure I talk to strangers. I do think you need to test the waters though. Not everyone sitting in a doctor's office wants to gab. I think you know when it's okay to chat, and when that person waiting with you is distracted or doesn't want to be bothered.  I think it's awkward not to at least acknowledge that other person waiting with you, particularly if it's just the two of you. 

7. Are you on the naughty or nice list this year? What put you there?

I would like to think I'm on the nice list. Perhaps we should ask my family?

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I hosted a little giveaway last week and had a great response. If you posted a comment you received one entry, if you added a question for a future Hodgepodge you received two entries. There were 48 comments, but some bloggers posted their question in a separate comment, so for the drawing we had-
  • 38 bloggers entered 
  • 26 of the 38 were entered twice because they asked a question
  • for a grand total of 64 entries
I printed out all the names, twice where appropriate, and put them in a Christmas bowl.  Hubs did the honors and drew the winning name last night.  

Now time for the big reveal...the winner of the Wednesday Hodgepodge Volume 200 giveaway is...drum roll....

Michelle, who blogs over at New Horizon ReviewsCongratulations Michelle! Message me with your mailing address and I will send you a box of Hodgepodge. 

That is- seven random holiday items plus one to make an even eight. I'm not going to show everything in the box, but I will show you all the one little item I had personalized-

A first edition Wednesday Hodgepodge Christmas ornament. 
It's a desktop computer in case you can't tell from my stellar photography. 

Every tree should have one!  


  1. Oh, I so want one of those ornaments! Cute idea!! I think you are right about needing to be sensitive to when people don't WANT to talk... while normally I'm all for chatting, there have been times when, after a long day of being talked "at" I just. want. quiet. Have a good week Joyce!

  2. Congratulations, Michelle! CUTE ornament :) I'm not a big fan of egg nog either. I usually have to add more milk and cinnamon to it to thin it out if I do decide to drink it. Thanks for posting my question and I look so forward to reading everyone's answers. I agree that, perhaps in the doctor's waiting room, we should test the waters...delicate situations and all. Enjoy your cookie calories :) Merry CHRISTMAS!!!

  3. I say Merry Christmas because if you don't want to hear it-don't celebrate it! Have a great week.
    Congratulations to Michelle-great ornament.

  4. LOVE the ornament!!!
    Ditto on the small people living under your roof, calling Christmas CHRISTMAS, and your thoughts on eggnog.
    Don't you just love looking at pictures of your children when they were little? Such precious, precious faces!

  5. Congratulations to Michelle! And Joyce, 200 Hodgepodges is truly remarkable! I also celebrate Advent, but didn't ADD a kid. And I so agree with you on calling Christmas Christmas! Have a joyous Wednesday.

  6. Adore the ornament!! How clever, Joyce!!! Congrats to Michelle!

  7. I love, love, love the ornament you chose for the giveaway! It's perfect.
    Those cookies look delicious :)
    You are right, it's great (and fun), at Christmas, to be an adult with small children in the house!

  8. I enjoyed reading your post so much that I almost forgot to post my link! I am doing an Advent devotion this year for the first time too and thoroughly enjoying it. We always read the Christmas story in Scripture, but never the order of Advent.
    Your little girls look like beautiful little dolls. What fun to have little ones in the house.
    I heard someone mention on the radio the other day not to tell the Bah humgers that holidays comes from "holy days." That would make them mad, too!!!
    Merry Christmas to you and now I am going to add crushed peppermint to my buttercream frosting for my Christmas cookies!

  9. Absolutely agree on the Christmas is Christmas response. We have observed Advent at churches we've been in for many years. In fact, Hubby wrote most of them, but we have never done it in our home. I must get the Ann's book. So sweet to get to your future SIL's heart with Christmas cookies.
    Regarding weather, it has been in the upper 30's in the morning but warms up quickly. However, I have not been in shorts!

  10. AMEN! to your profound thoughts on Merry Christmas! I agree, if you can't call it Christmas then don't celebrate. Plain and simple!!!

    Think of you a lot and all that must be going on as the wedding draws near. What a special time!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  11. Congratulations to Michelle!! That ornament is perfect!!! I always love how you answer the Hodgepodge questions along with the rest of us, and it feels like you are participating just like we do - seeing the questions for the first time. You are awesome, Joyce!! Seriously! I am printing out the cookie recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Merry Christmas!!! I'm with you on that one for sure!!! Your girls Christmas picture is really cute. How good of you to send cookies to your future SIL! The give-away of the Hodgepodge Christmas tree ornament was really clever!!

  13. As a Believer, it's a hearty "MERRY CHRISTMAS" for me! Ooh, your Christmas cookies look delicious, Joyce! I think that's such a sweet photo of your girls. Moments like that sure make your heart swell, don't they?

  14. I am so glad you have found time in your busy schedule to put together the questions. I look forward to answering them every week. Great job! Keep up the good work.

  15. Those cookies look wonderful! I love this season of the year, but really wish people could be a bit more tolerant and just go with the feelings the season is supposed to promote.

  16. Joyce,

    Wow!! Number 200, time flies doesn't it!?
    Thank you for faithfully hanging in there and posting the Hodgepodge.
    I look forward to the next 200.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway.
    I love the ornament and look forward to the package.
    I replied to your e-mail. To think, I almost didn't enter :)

    Thanks, everyone! Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

  17. Your candy cane snowball cookies look delicious. I may have to try them this year. I agree about saying Merry Christmas and calling it a Christmas tree. Thanks for another week of the Hodgepodge.

  18. I will have to pick up her book and try Advent next year. Merry Christmas is all you will ever here from me, that should never's crazy! Cookies sound yummy. Congratulations to Michelle, very cute ornament.
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, God Bless America.......

  19. That ornament is fantastic!!! Perfect for your tree!!!

  20. That's such a cute photo of your daughters from way back when! :) Those cookies look good, i am not a fan of eggnog either. I tried liking it but it tastes like i'm drinking fat. Well thanks for making time to squeeze in Hodgepodge questions with all the wedding planning going on.

  21. Congrats Michelle and I love that Hodgepodge ornament.

    Christmas is fun with little ones in the house.

  22. Nicely done! I'd love that Butterfinger cookie recipe mentioned one too many times, my home is still filled with Halloween candies (for shame) and I think 20-30 of those Butterfingers::face palm::

  23. I agree with you, we are keeping Christmas trees and traditions. Those who want to celebrate without using Christmas, can but the whole point is to celebrate Christ's birth. Merry Christmas.

  24. Your ornament is really cute! I agree about saying Merry Christmas...actually anytime I write it I purposely write CHRISTmas. That's what it has always been. Make up another holiday if you want, but leave CHRISTmas be, I say!

  25. LOVE that ornament! I think we should all have one made for our trees! The Hodgepodge is so worthy of a spot on our trees. :) Now, I want cookies. Did you post both recipes????