Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Remembering Christmas

I have a few free minutes and thought I'd post a small Christmas recap before the new year (and the Hodgepodge) roll in. I think if I don't do it now it won't happen. That wouldn't be the end of the world for you, but would be disappointing to me. Also,  I'm on my iPad which isn't ideal, but it's what I've got so here goes.

We had a lovely Christmas, low key, lots of time hanging together at home, and only a mention or two of the upcoming wedding. We really made a point to celebrate Christmas for Christmas sake. 

In spite of the size (just the four of us) we stuck to our yearly holiday traditions of the candlelight service on Christmas Eve, and a (not really) tortured photo on the steps before we see what Santa brought...

There were stockings before a big breakfast on Christmas Day, followed by presents, punch, dinner, and lots of phone calls to family near and far.

I decorated just like I do every year.

Two trees holding treasured ornaments, along with newer souvenirs of our more recent travels-

... my beloved nativity-

...snow village-

...and shiny glass ornaments in a big crystal bowl. 

There were a few fun surprises too. Here's hubs with his barbecue lighter that looks like a rifle. 

And this sweet mug from the bride to her sister-

It has her state on one side with a heart over her city, and then a line connecting it to the bride's new state on the other side, with a heart over her city. 

Which is far away, but we won't think too hard about that on Christmas. 

My mother in law made me a really pretty lighted decoration this year, and it sits in my back hall where we come in and out. 

We hang our photo Christmas cards on this back staircase too, so we can see friends and family faces as we go about our day. I love it, and a part of me wants to leave it up all year. But  I won't. 

It was a happy day. A good Christmas. Our last as a family of four.
In 2015 our family expands. 

Christmas for me includes a lot of tradition. Making it look nearly the same from year to year. There's comfort in the familiar warmth of home and family, and we all look forward to the way our holiday unfolds in a similar pattern year after year.  

Next year it will likely look a bit different. 

We're ready though. 

Ready for more love, more joy, and the new 'gifts' this next year will bring. 


  1. Lovely Christmas recap....another family member next year.

  2. A lovely post, Joyce. You have such beautiful traditions, and I know your daughters will continue with them through the years. Things will change, but they will always remain the same. The ties will only get stronger!

  3. What a sweet day! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I enjoyed reading your Christmas recap. Yes, things will be different next year, but in a very good way! Your family is growing and changing. Before you know it, grandchildren will be added to the mix, and then the REAL fun will begin!

  5. Such a sweet post. I'm so glad that you had this time together!

  6. I thought smooth and sweet as I read your blog. Those are just the vibes you and your family give off, I guess. That's a good thing! Yes, things will change for you next year, but I think those same vibes will be there because you are just that way.

  7. What a sweet, sweet Christmas you all had. While things will be different next year (in a good way), the heart of your Christmas won't change at all.

  8. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing..Happy New Year.

  9. Loved your thoughts. Glad you celebrated well.

  10. That mug is precious!!!!
    I'm glad you made it through Christmas & heading into wedding mode now :)

  11. What lovely photos. Your trees are so beautiful. Love the riffle lighter. Mark got on several years ago that turns the TV on and off. Looks like a lovely Christmas and what a blessing to have your girls with you. I love church on Christmas Eve. (I will be posting about a service that I didn't like)

  12. Wonderful Christmas to remember it looks like! Glad you had that time together before the wedding.

  13. That mug...could anything seriously have been any sweeter???
    CH asked me over break what I was going to do when I had too many ornaments for our tree, and I told him I would put up another tree...not sure where I would put it, but I would find somewhere! :)