Sunday, February 15, 2015

Just Write. And Also Maybe Wedding Post 10.

Time for a blog post.  A regular ole what's been happening around here kind of blog post. The kind I haven't done in months. A lot has been happening around here, and I really dislike when a blogger says they have all kinds of big things happening in their life, but they aren't ready to blog about them yet.

We have all kinds of big things happening in our life, but I'm not ready to blog about them yet.

Haters gonna hate, right? I'm mulling over the notion of somehow saving it all for the A-Z challenge, but that's not til April, and I'm not sure I can keep quiet that long. We'll find out I guess. The problem is, when big stuff is going on and you aren't ready to blog about it, blogging becomes so tricky. You end up yammering on and on about inconsequential things like the weather.

The weather!! y'all. Not for the faint of heart in the great northeast this winter. Of course it could be worse. We could be further north-ha! Things were chugging along just fine until late January, and then kaboom. Snow! Ice! Snow and ice!

For the record, I'm not a fan of ice. Our little town deals with snow quite effectively, even large amounts of snow. Ice is another story though, and there's only so much you can do when you've got inches of ice coating your steps and patio.  Hubs does his best to keep up with it, but we could surely use some bright sunshine and warmer temps. It's currently 9 degrees and gusty here, so melting is not happening.  At all.

Something I love about winter? Footprints and glitter. Sunshine has been in short supply here in recent weeks, but when it shines our snow covered yard looks like a small child has been see free with a sprinkle can full of glitter. So pretty!

We can see exactly where the deer, coyote, and bear trek, and we've been watching our little fox as she slinks about looking for food. Hubs spotted her just the other evening with a rabbit in her mouth as she made a beeline for her warm cozy nest in the woods on our side hill.

The trees may be bare this time of year, but life carries on.

Hubs and I stayed in for Valentine's Day and cooked dinner together. We enjoy celebrating in this way, and while I did most of the prep, hubs did most of the cooking. We make a good team.

We made a recipe I'd seen on the Williams Sonoma site-Seared Scallops with Warm Shredded Brussel Sprouts and Prosciutto. Really good, and something I'd make again.

Here's some big news I can talk about. Big news as far as we're concerned anyway, you all may be a little wedding-weary by now. We got our pictures back from the wedding photographer and to quote my grandma, 'Oh my stars!'...they're heavenly. I don't know how to begin choosing a favorite because they're all my favorite. I'm overwhelmed by how exactly to go about sharing.

How about I just share?

My daughter posted the link to the whole lot on her Facebook page, but I've just shared a few on mine
so far. I might make an album to post with some of my favorites, but since they're all my favorites I'm going to have to give that some thought.

I'm sure you'll see some here. ahem.

This picture was taken just before we climbed into the limo for our ride to the church. Don't let gray skies and a little drizzle spoil your day because I'm pretty sure gray skies actually make for better photographs. I love the lighting here, the pop of color, the gorgeous flowers, and most of all, how happy we look. I remember the sense of anticipation we were feeling in this moment. Mostly though, I  I remember the love, so palpable it seemed like you could reach out and grab it.  

And we did.


  1. So happy there are big things happening. Can't wait to hear! Your wedding pictures are lovely. The one of your family should be on a magazine cover!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Every single photo here. What a beautiful family you have.
    (I hope the sun melts the ice away soon.)

  3. I'm in full wedding mode now and I'm not weary from seeing your beautiful photos. I love them! Your sweet family is "a whole lot of pretty".

  4. Well, I'm not sure we can wait until April to hear all the BIG news from your way. So, we'll be waiting with baited breath. Love the family picture!

  5. Sure hope you don't make us all wait until April to hear your big news. ;-) Love that picture of the 4 of you.

  6. Oh Joyce, how could "palpable" pass through into a blog? But it does! There is so much love in those pictures and they are beautiful. Such a treasure! I couldn't help noticing how perfectly the color of the carpet emphasizes the colors of yours and Daughter2's dresses. Now, about all these secrets you are keeping. Not fair to whet our appetite and just leave us there. LOL! Stay warm!

  7. You chose two wonderful photos to share with us, but I am sure we (not just I) want more!! As to the big news.... you are such a tease! Now we have two big reasons to never miss a post from you! :)

    Just for the record, you look so lovely in that gorgeous dress!!

  8. We had an awesome Valentine's Day meal at home too and I really loved it! The photos are perfection, I can't wait to see more......

  9. Oh my, your dresses and all of you look simply stunning! Hmmm...wonder what kind of news you're hiding?