Thursday, February 5, 2015

One Month

I thought I'd take a short break from talking about the wedding (sort of ) and instead share a throw back Thursday kind of post.

The newlyweds celebrated one whole entire month of wedded bliss this week, and even though the groom is working crazy hours and has an upside down schedule this month, they did find a way to mark the day and make it special. Daughter1 wrote about it on her blog here

Remember when you marked your anniversary in months instead of years?

I thought it would be fun to pull out a picture of the hubs and I from our one month anniversary, because like my daughter and son-in-law, we too spent the day away from home, walking around some 'gardens'.

The Biltmore Estate, Asheville NC.

While the area is all grown up in the year 2015, this picture was taken back in 1984, when Asheville was not the popular tourist destination it is now. There most definitely wasn't a charming hotel on the Biltmore property back then, so we stayed at The Grove Park Inn. The hotel had been recently refurbished from a seasonal resort to a beautiful year round property, and to this recently married girl, spending the night there felt like a total and complete splurge.

And I suppose for us, at the time, it was. As young 20-somethings we didn't hop on planes, spend weekends road tripping all over kingdom come, or travel in any way, shape, or form, the way 'kids' do now. Driving a couple of hours over the mountain, from our apartment in Knoxville to a whole 'nother state to spend the weekend, felt very grown up.

Do you know what else 20-somethings didn't do in 1984?

They didn't crowd two faces into one photo frame and call it a selfie. While I have a few photos from the weekend, I don't have a single one of us together.

My picture taking skills were especially awesome back then, and that tiny speck behind all those gorgeous blooms would be my husband.

In July of 1984 I was still getting used to that word.

My girls will see this and say they'd love to have my outfit now. It's a two piece matching top and short set that looks like a romper. It's true what goes around comes around in the world of fashion. And even though you can barely make me out in these pictures, I notice my purse made it into every single shot. 

Raise your hand if you owned a Pappagallo bag once upon a time. The kind with the interchangeable fabric covers that buttoned onto wooden handles. I think they were also called Bermuda Bags and they were really popular in the late 70's/early 80's.   

Hubs and I have been married now for 367 months. I can't predict all the ways this world might change, I only know that it will. I pray when my daughter and son-in-law reach month 367, they'll look back at month one and smile. That they see all the many ways their hopes and plans and dreams came true.  

Even the ones they didn't know to dream. 


  1. So cute. And yes, I had a purse like that. My grandma even made me some covers. :)

  2. OMG! a Pappagallo bag! I haven't thought about those in forever but they were the "do all, be all" for sure! Fun post!

  3. What a lovely throwback post!! I've run across some of those pictures from way back when, in which you can barely make out who the person is that was being photographed! Love them, though. Thanks for sharing your one-month anniversary with us!

  4. Such a sweet throwback! I love the pictures, and remember those two piece short sets well.

  5. Joyce, this was so cute! It reminded me that Hubby and I met 50 years ago tomorrow - Feb. 6, 1965. Amazing 50 years! Don't we wish we had some selfies from those years?

  6. What fun!! I loved sharing this with you. You were quite the looker!

  7. Cute post! Not only did I have a bermuda bag, but I was also the proud owner of the big gold belt buckles that had interchangeable belts. Love these pics. Looked like a great day. Enjoy your weekend, Joyce!

  8. Beautiful post and loved all the pictures (even though you and your hubby are teeny tiny - smile). I'd like to visit the Biltmore Estate sometime.

  9. wow. I don't even remember when we had our 1-month anniversary! Impressive!

  10. Very nice! What a lovely welcome for your guests. I love the cookbook idea!
    BTW, I love post-its, too!

  11. I remember the one month anniversaries, the outfit, and those kind of photos. I have many albums from those days. Lovely throwback.