Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Things

A few things on this Thursday afternoon-

1. Every time we're out at the lot hubs sizes up the overgrown trees and the scrappy brush and the stray limbs which will eventually be taken care of by landscaping or we'll pay to have groomed, trimmed, limbed up, removed, whatever and then he gets that twinkle in his eye and says how he thinks he'll just go get one of those belts and climb up there and do it himself. Yeah. No. 

2. He also eyes the island out in the middle of the lake with that same twinkle, and says he can't wait to swim out to it. Through the channel where all the boats fly. Then I freak out and he says he'll get one of those float things you hook around your ankle so boats can see you so that won't be a problem. Yeah. No. 

3. I have told hubs not to mention point 1 or point 2 in my presence again. Yeah. 

4. The garage (s). This is a part of the house I'm not heavily invested in other than to say I want to park my car in one. Hubs is super excited about this part of the build which I'm just gonna say I think is a guy thing. Our original plan was to have a pull down attic, but then our neighbors invited us into their house and once we saw their stairs from garage to attic we made the change from pull down to actual stairs too.

I am now kind of excited about this space because a) attics normally creep me out and 2) as a result I don't use the space like I should because it means I'd have to climb up a ladder with a flashlight, and step carefully across narrow boards to retrieve stuff without falling through the insulation. This new set up is going to be just like accessing a second story. Winning! 

5. The attic space is huge and would be so easy to convert to a really fun bunk room for grandchildren should my girls give us a bunch. I haven't checked Pinterest for ideas or made an attic bunk room board or anything-ha! 

6. Hubs LOVES a clean garage. He jokingly says the garage will be like a surgical suite and you'll have to glove up to enter. He might not be joking?

7. On weekends we go out to the lot, broom and leaf blower and giant magnet in hand, and we sweep dirt from the framing and pick up ten thousand nails with this beauty-

It's a nailgetter. Also known as a giant magnet, but I call it the nailgetter. It's heavy and you just roll it around the perimeter of the house and nails attach themselves to it which makes for easy peasy clean up. Sort of.

8. Contractors will tell you there's no need to sweep up the dirt and such but it makes us feel like we're doing something helpful. Plus we've lived in homes where builders did NOT clean and as a result when we moved in and vacuumed we found chunks of wood and debris in the vents. 

9. We bought a boat. 

10. It's not in the garage. Actually it's not even on the property because we still need power at the dock to make the lift run and water at the dock so hubs can wash it too much. The lift was installed last week so once the utilities are connected we'll move the boat from the lake where it's currently 'parked' to it's new home on our lake. 

11. Yes I know correct terminology in the boating world is docked not parked. Old habits die hard.

12. The siding people are still at it. Hubs informs me there's about a million cuts they have to make in the trim work so I am trying to remain patient.

13. Trying. 


  1. I just have to tell you: the house progress is all well and good, but I am most impressed by how FABULOUS you look in that picture with the boat!

  2. Looking so good! The house, the boat, and you! So exciting.

  3. Oh, my goodness, we swept, picked up nails and cleaned and cleaned some more. Never heard of a "nail getter" but sure wish we had had one this time last year. Hubby could not stand a mess and worked himself too death keeping things clean. They have now started on the landscape. It will be a long process but at least it's started. Happy weekend!

  4. We built stairs in the garage to our attic will love it!!! Soooooooo much easier to access but there is one downside. Once your hubs sees how easy it is for YOU to haul the xmas decorations up to the attic, he may never help again. Or at least that's what happened at my house!!!
    House is looking fantastico!!!

  5. Siding already? That's progress. Now, a nail getter? That's a new one and sounds like a must for new home builders. You should try for a commission.

  6. I think our husbands must be related somehow. Mine comes up with crazy ideas, too. His current project in the back yard amongst the rocks (or snake homes, in my opinion) does not make me happy.I check outside often to make sure he's not laying on the ground swelling up from a snake bite.

  7. The stairs were a great idea!! We have a pull down and I NEVER go up there, too precarious for me! I am going to show Honey your boat dock, he will love it!
    It's looking good out there!

  8. I can attest to the nails and other building material debris in the air ducts of the newly-built home. You are smart to take care of that as best you can.

    With that said, I really like the stairs up to your attic! And the boat, and the dock, and everything!

    As for the daring feats hubs wants to do, after all is said and done, they are still overgrown little boys, aren't they?

    This was a fun post, as they all are. Have a good weekend.

  9. Our current house was a new build (a spec house) and went much way too much time that first full summer wandering through the yard picking up nails and rocks. Especially the rocks.

  10. CH tells everybody we bought our upstairs for me and the basement/garage for him.
    I like the "nailgetter"! Saves time and backs! :)

  11. I am also so excited about the stairs to the attic and plan to give you a bunch of grandbabies to fill up that bunk-room. Also!! LOVE the shaker shingle things (whatever they're called)

  12. Actual stairs to the attic in the garage is awesome! Good idea to clean up that debris, they have been known to sweep it into vents. I do love that siding.

  13. Ahh, the garage... I can't even. Every summer I threaten an all hands on deck clean out but somehow it always gets pushed back. Ugh.
    And just like that, you are boat people! It looks good on you! Sassy even! :)

  14. Hooray for the boat!! It is so fun that you are sharing all of this with us, Joyce. Thanks for taking us along on this journey with you. The progress is fun to see!