Thursday, September 8, 2016

Every Which Way But Loose

Long time no blog right? I need to catch up here, but honestly I'm not sure if I'm coming or going which means this post might read a little bit sideways. So where are we in Realzville?

Well NOT living in our lake house, but on the up side we have given notice to the apartment management so there's that.

Are y'all sick of hearing about the lake house? Because I'm a wee bit tired of talking about it so I won't go there today. Not too much anyway. How 'bout some pictures instead of words because stuff is happening!

There's tile in the back hall, or a part of a part of a floor anyway-

There are lights, or at least a few recessed lights have been installed, and (this is key) turned on-

The air conditioner units are in and running so the stairs will be built this week or next week or whenever, but there's light and air and boxes of tile and part of a floor where a floor should be so we.are.getting.there.

Still plenty to do, but let's keep looking at the half full glass k?

So what else? Well hubs had a birthday and it fell at the end of a week where I'd been not my best (aka thought I was going to have my gall bladder removed) but instead managed to get myself together and we had a fabulous dinner downtown with Daughter2 and her boyfriend.

I missed the Hodgepodge this week, but I did have lunch with a Hodgepodge friend on Wednesday and that counts I think. K was visiting in the area and we made plans to meet in person before she headed back home. Here we are in the parking lot outside the restaurant because we neglected to take a picture inside. We were too busy talking.

We might have shut the restaurant down, hence the parking lot snapshot. K blogs at Still No Whining Allowed and it was really fun to meet in person, finally. I think hers was one of the first blogs I read, back when there were hoards of bloggers writing about the ordinary everydayness of their lives.

Those are still my favorite posts to read, but there are fewer of those bloggers out there now. Blogging has become a business, but I just want to drink coffee and read about your dinner plans, your summer vacation, or that funny thing your kid said. I don't care how many people follow you, sponsor you, or forward your posts to social media, I just love words that paint a picture of your everyday ordinary. An ordinary that looks different than my own yet in a funny way feels reassuringly familiar.

What else? We spent last weekend in Hotlanta tailgating and boating with friends. Also watching my diet because ugh-gallbladders. I know plenty of young people have gallbladder surgery but does anyone else feel about 100 years old at just the mention of the word? I do.

There's more...more little bits of nothing too extraordinary that make up the minutes and the hours and the days of late summer, but this is a start. Homes and birthdays and daughters and friends, and writing it all down...

...because ordinary is what connects us to ourselves and to each other. Happy weekend friends...


  1. Oh my...gallbladder troubles?! Joe had his out and was home the next day...piece of cake and boy did he feel so much better! Not that I'm wishing it on anyone, myself included. Nice to see the photos showing great progress! I'm not tired of reading about your lake house. Happy belated birthday to your hubs!!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished house! You look great at the birthday dinner for not feeling your best :-)

  3. Yes, Tommy had his gallbladder out and was home that evening and said the surgery did not even compare to the agony he was in with the attacks. He did great and hardly missed a beat. I hate you are faced with that right now. Looks like the house is moving along nicely. Can't wait for you to get moved in. Happy weekend!

  4. Because we your readers love reading your words and how you use your words to share your everyday happenings, your lake house is our lake house too. So we could never tire of reading how it is progressing. That's how I see it anyway. So glad you haven't had to have the surgery yet and hoping you don't. But I understand how you feel. When I heard hip replacement, I thought "Are you kidding? That's for old folks!" I guess I'm there.

  5. Yep blogging is big business these days but not going there with mine not ever. I love the ordinary blogs too where you don't get bombarded with ads and amazing deals that you just know are too good to be true lol.

    Sorry to hear of your health issues. I hope you are soon feeling better, with or without the gall bladder.

    Never get tired of hearing about the Lake House although I can understand that it might be a bit fraught for you at times. Take it easy and have a lovely weekend. Belated birthday wishes to hubby.

  6. I love hearing about your lake house. Sorry to hear about the gallbladder. Fortunately, that is at least one thing I've never had to deal with.

  7. You too, with the gallbladder? And yes, I do feel about 100 with the mere mention of it. Wasn't that what my grandmother had? Anyway... hang in there! You'll be in that lovely home before you know it. And no, I'm not tired of hearing about the lake house. I love reading about it! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Sorry to read about the gall bladder problems. I've lived happily w/o mine since 1994. Easy surgery for me -- I could tell I was better off even as I was coming out of the anesthesia.

    Loved your post today. Don't hesitate to write about the lake house. I love your pictures.

    And yes, I like blogs that are not a business but write about everyday lives. Thanks for saying that. Sometimes I get down about "Why am I blogging anyway?!!" (hence my current "time off").


  9. Hope you are feeling better this week!

  10. Hey!!! Thanks for meeting up with me and showing us your purty new home!!!! It's a beautiful spot, for SURE! It was so fun to finally meet and find out you have a southern accent!
    Glad you are feeling better, and just about in time to celebrate your BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!

  11. Happy Birthday to you husband. So glad you got to meet a blog friend. That is always fun! House is coming along and I'm so excited for you. Looks like a dream coming true!