Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Written Word

Hodgepodgers see note here. 

I sometimes participate in a Friday link up called Five Minute Friday where we're given a one word prompt, and then we write for five unedited-unspellchecked minutes on that prompt because we love the written word and need to spill some on a weekly basis. A few months back someone in the group collected a bunch of entries that had been posted in the FMF link-up over the course of the past five years, and she put them together in a book, and that book is now available on Amazon (all proceeds benefiting The Vine School and Take Action in South Africa), and I have an essay there with my surname missing a letter, but as I said-unedited. Like this post. ahem. 

Anyway, I got a copy of the book this week and I re-read my entry (which originally appeared on my blog in September 2013) and I missed the girl who wrote it. I've been thinking about how I used to write about things I think and feel and notice and now I seem to just write about what I do, and I don't like that nearly so much. I promised myself I'd try to get reacquainted with that girl and I know there are far too many ands here, but sometimes stream of consciousness is necessary.

I've had a lot going on. Big things and hard things and family things that need tending thousands of miles away and between the house build and the things that have needed tending there's not a lot of time to write. I do have five minutes most days though so I'm going to try more five minute entries, less novel-esque tomes.

Starting tomorrow, because this one is already bordering on wordy.

I saw my daughter1 in The Evergreen State last week. It was a bit spur of the moment, but I accompanied my mom on a trip she needed to make to Arizona, and since we were already on that side of the country we said, "hey why not?". My mom hadn't seen daughter1 since daughter1's wedding in January 2015, so this sidetrip was a real bright spot in an otherwise difficult week. My mom and I then flew back to SC on Saturday which made for a grand total of five flights and some 4,478 miles but who's counting? My mom is such a trooper y'all. For real.

Also, I'm moving in something like 28 days and I tried not to think about that too much while I was on the other side of the country, because there were many, many other things to think about, but yesterday I paused for a minute and realized I'm moving in something like 28 days. I've got furniture in storage in another state, furniture we purchased in NC waiting on a delivery date, furniture we purchased in SC also waiting on a delivery date, furniture in the apartment that needs to be collected by the rental company, utilities to transfer, utilities to organize, official address changes to be made in writing to a thousand and one people and service providers, window treatments to give the go ahead to, and quite likely a few hundred other little bits and pieces I don't even know I don't know.

On Sunday evening we took our builder and his wife for a boat ride, and as we made our way back to our dock the sun dropped into the water with a glorious watercolor flourish. There were very few boats on the lake and as the sky turned from orangey pink to a deep dark indigo I let the quiet wash over me.

We are known and loved by the One who made this. The One who gives us second chances, new mercies, and beautiful sunset skies. The One who says don't worry about tomorrow.

The One who says don't worry.


  1. It was good to catch up with you through your blog. You are right, your mom IS a trooper! That's a lot of miles to travel. Glad y'all worked in a visit with your daughter, though.
    I, too, have fallen into a blogging slump, and I don't have nearly as much on my plate as you do. Of course, I've had (and still do) a lot of emotional turmoil in my life, which often makes blogging difficult.
    Here's hoping life will get back to 'normal' for both of us, before too much longer. In the meantime, we'll do what we can, and let the rest slide :) Hang in there!
    Kathy (Reflections)

  2. Well it definitely sounds like you have a WHOLE LOT on your plate for the next 28 days, but I can imagine you are good and excited at the same time. I look forward to seeing (or at least getting glimpses) into that new home. I am glad you got an unplanned visit in with your daughter. Not a whole lot beats that. And yes, goodness what a trouper your mom is. Soo much is always going on around here and for some reason I just can't seem to get it together like I usually do at this time of the year, but guess it will be what it will be. I do the best I can. BTW, I LOVE the way you write, so hope you don't give that up anytime soon. Hope the rest of your week is good!

  3. Oh, my, my head is spinning for you my friend and I'm going to be praying for you in the days ahead. I can't even imagine traveling that many miles in that few of days. Blessings abundant!

  4. As selfish as I was, being bummed about no Hodgepodge this week, this blog post is wonderful, it's real, it's you... Breathe... rest in His arms... He's got this... and you've got this, because He's got this.

  5. It is good to pause and remember just how big and capable our God really is, especially in the midst of our big/hard/family things. So glad you were available to accompany your Mom, I'm sure you were a blessing to her.
    You will probably look back on this and wonder how you did it all! Praying that God equips, enables and expands your time!

  6. I can ditto what most everyone has already said, or just say that I think you are an amazing person. You are. It won't be long until you can sit quietly on your porch and watch that sun sink into the lake every night. Ahhhhhhhhhh.......

  7. Thank you, I needed this today.
    My oldest son has been having a bit of an anxiety over his future goals. It is hard to be mom sometimes. I just want all the best for him.

  8. It sounds as if you have a lot going on (as usual) but that it's beginning to get a bit overwhelming. I'm sure you will get through those 28 days just try and find times to rest and centre yourself when you can. The Hodgepodge and the rest of us can wait :)

  9. That is so cool about the book! I feel like I know what you mean about finding that girl again. Not about you but in general I feel like that too. So many changes going on here and I need to find me!!! So glad your mother got to see daughter1. I'm so excited for you that it is almost move in time. Gorgeous sky!!!