Monday, April 3, 2017

Rainy Days and Mondays

We're in for some bad weather today if the forecasters know what they're talking about. FYI-forecasters don't always know what they're talking about, but in case this is one of those times they're correct we've secured deck furniture and moved potential flying objects from in front of the glass doors.

Now the weekend was a different story. We had absolutely gorgeous weather and spent a lot of time out of doors. Our boat is back in the water as of last Tuesday, and we're so excited to be out on the open seas once more.

Technically it's a lake, but still...we're pretty happy. 

On Saturday hubs and I drove over the mountain and across the state line to a charming little town called Cashiers. We had to stop along the way and take in the spectacular view because it's the law. 

That's Lake Jocassee which is not our lake, but is our 'next door neighbor'. 

Cashiers is a sweet little mountain town filled with boutiques, antiques, and restaurant-iques. The season doesn't officially begin here until May 1 at which time it will fill with tourists. Still there were already quite a few shops open so plenty of places to browse and buy. The locals all recommended we have lunch at Cornucopia and the food was yummy. Slow as Christmas, but delicious. They've just re-opened and maybe don't have their kitchen timing fine tuned just yet. ahem

I had my nose pressed against the glass at one of the antique shops in town, and the owner said even though they weren't open we could come in. So many lovely things! Hubs and I will definitely be going back there! We've been looking for Adirondack chairs to put around our fire pit, and we chatted with a gentleman in another shop who makes them to order. He said he'd deliver to the lake so we chose our color and will have them fireside in a couple of weeks. 

Hubs and I came home and watched basketball, and I say it every year...March Madness is some of the most exciting sporting competition out there. The games are so close and it's really fun to watch, even if your team doesn't win. I mean that would be more fun, but still these games are nail biters! 

Sunday was another gorgeous day, and after church some friends dropped by on their way back home to Atlanta after a weekend wedding in NC. It was perfect deck sitting temperatures and after they left hubs and I took the boat for a spin. 

Speaking of Atlanta-ugh. Daughter2 and I booked our flights out of there for next week because it was going to be easy and less expensive than connecting from here, except now it's not going to be quite so easy. In case you missed it a massive fire broke out under an overpass on the Interstate collapsing the overpass and destroying the highway going north and south. As if Atlanta traffic wasn't bad enough! 

So that's about it on this rainy Monday morning. A good day to blog, pay bills, and stick close to home. How was your weekend! 


  1. What a lovely weekend! I'm sure you going to spend a lot of time enjoying your Adirondack chairs.

  2. I heard about that fire, really sad and it will take awhile before it is up and running again. Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

  3. It sounds like you had a perfect weekend. I hope the forecasters are wrong about your weather today.

  4. I hope the forecast is wrong and the weather misses you. That fire was terrible. I hope you can work your way around it. You look great behind the wheel of the boat.

  5. The weather dude got it right down here. We even had hail! That's unheard of here. We have one weather dude that is usually right. He gets it when the others don't so he's the only one I listen to. I love Cashiers! We've been there many times. There are loads of great little towns up that way. So glad ya'll are enjoying your new area! Have a safe trip and be careful in Atlanta. That's one place I refuse to drive through or near. Is there any way you can change to Charlotte or something?

  6. So glad your weather is good and has you out and about! Cashiers sounds like a great place to visit and explore...and that view on the way, oh my goodness!!

  7. Well, I hope the bad, bad weather we had didn't find y'all. Our Friday and Sat could not have been any more beautiful but our Sun was quite the opposite. So glad you are in your lovely new home and enjoying that water and boat anytime you want to.