Monday, September 25, 2017

End of September Stuff

Y'all what happened to September? Do we say that about every month now? I feel like maybe we do except I really truly mean it about September.

We've had one whole entire complete month at home. Whoohoo!

Well not counting this coming weekend when I'll be traveling with some friends, but since October rolls in on Sunday that doesn't count. It's been so nice to have weekends here at the lake as opposed to weekends in the car. I do enjoy going but I also enjoy not going.

Back to September. I had a birthday. To be honest I wasn't feeling it this year and I told my family not to make a big deal about it, so they made a small deal instead and it was perfect.

Friday night Daughter1's in-laws came for dinner and surprised me with the most delicious coconut cake from one of my favorite little spots in town (Brick Street Cafe for you local peeps). We spent the evening catching up and talking about our favorite tiny human.

It never gets old. Daughter1 facetimed us and we all shriek and carry on when his little face pops up on the screen. We're ridiculous.

As all good grandparents should be.

Saturday hubs and I went out for lunch and arrived home in time to watch some of the Tennessee-Florida game on TV. We missed the sad brutal end because I'd requested a sunset cruise.

Sunsets and game clocks don't always mesh, and in case you're wondering the sunset was way better than the game.

Sunday afternoon we packed lunch in the cooler and took the boat out to a little island we love. We planted ourselves in the sun, sand, and water for the day, and later some friends boated by and pulled their boat up on the beach to hang out with us.

Hubs wanted to take me out for a fancy dinner but I asked him to grill me a steak at home instead. He was happy to oblige and you really can't beat the view from our own backyard. My actual birthday was on Monday and hubs spoiled me with a steak and egg breakfast. Side note-he insists on buying these crazy ginormous steaks which are delicious, but also crazy ginormous and impossible for me to finish. The upside to that is steak and eggs for breakfast the next day.

I spent the afternoon right here-

...floating and reading.
I highly recommend.

That evening we met up with friends at a local hangout where we dined on Mexican food and German chocolate cupcakes because German chocolate is how I like to roll on my birthday. The day after (don't worry, eventually my birthday ends) we met Daughter2 for dinner at Tupelo Honey downtown. We had a wonderful meal and she and her sister spoiled me with sweet gifts.

Which I think catches us up to this past weekend (yes, the birthday's over). We were invited to the Clemson game by a friend with a box in the stadium. Let me just say it's the only way to go on a hot hot hot September Saturday.

I'd never been to a game in this stadium before and I loved it.

The tailgating atmosphere is fantastic and the fans are true blue (or rather true orange), the band is great and for those not in the know, Clemson has what has been dubbed 'the most exciting 25 seconds in college football'.

The team makes their entrance onto the field by running down a hill into the stadium aka Death Valley.  I haven't tried it myself, but the hill looks pretty steep to me. The players all touch Howard's Rock for good luck as they run in, and I have to wonder if any players have ever been injured on the run in before making it to the actual game. I suppose youth and coordination help.

The band plays Tiger Rag, balloons are released and the fans go wild. So much fun!!

Especially when you're watching from an air conditioned box on a 90-degree day.

Just keepin' it real.

And now here we are nearing the end of my favorite month and I've got a jam packed calendar staring me down in October. There are no unclaimed weekends, lots of travel to book-organize-manage, and several appointments to squeeze in-between.

September is the lull before the storm. I'm thankful this month for time at home, daughters, coffee on the porch, technology that allows me to see my grandson miles away, rest, friends, the gift of growing older...

...and sunrises that remind me birthdays and every day offer us a clean slate-fresh start.


  1. Happy Birthday, looks like you had some good celebrations. Steak and eggs for breakfast sounds good!

  2. I don't think I could handle my grandson being so far away without technology. Those video chats are the best. Well, actually being with him in person is better. lol

  3. We are equally (well, probably more so) ridiculous when we see our grandbabies over video chatting! Good to see you and your family at Tupelo Honey! Fun surprise!

  4. I lost September too due to Irma prep - Irma evacuation and Irma recovery! But October looks good because I have a trip to Michigan scheduled:-)

  5. Sounds like and looks like that you were royally celebrated and that's awesome. Isn't FT just the grandest! If only we had had it when my two were growing up and my parents were far, far away. Have a great week and I do hope your ribs are just about healed.

  6. Happy Birthday!!! glad you got to relax..I Iknow of what you speak.
    I have "taken off" the month of Sept. No keeping grandbabies. Not much cooking. Just got back from santa fe with girlfriends and leave for Florida with other friends on Saturday!
    For yes, the business of holidays are already staring me in the face!

  7. Sounds just about perfect to me!! A month full of birthday blessings!!

  8. What a lovely long birthday celebration. Sounds perfect:)