Friday, September 22, 2017

Five Minutes of Accept

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Today's prompt-accept

When I was ten years old I stepped out of a church pew and made my way down the aisle. I accepted an invitation to make Jesus my Savior. I don't remember a bolt of lightning or drama of any sort really. Just me and my skinny legs walking forward to the pastor waiting up front.

I grew up going to church. Every single Sunday, and then some. My parents taught Sunday School classes of all ages and stages, worked in the nursery, carried covered dishes to many a pot luck supper, my mother started the church library, my dad was a deacon, and the list goes on. I loved that church and the people in it and the memories I have growing up there are so very tender still.

When I told the pastor I wanted to be baptized he gave me a little booklet to read that I've held on to-'What Saith The Scriptures?' No pictures, just words.

And Saith because it was 1970.

And then he drove to my house every Friday for a month and we sat in the fancy living room, the place reserved for special occasions, and my mama listened from the kitchen as we went through that booklet together, page by page.


I think about that pastor from time to time. He and his family moved on from our church and I grew up and moved away too. I think about how my ten year old self had nothing to offer, yet he invested in me and made me feel important. Like this decision was no small thing and that while maybe there was no lightning bolt in 1970 there would be plenty as the years rolled by.

Roll by they have. In 2017 the world is in turmoil, and we feel powerless to fix it. Christianity has taken a beating in the media, rightfully so at times, but still I cringe a lot. I don't want to be lumped in with the loud mouths, the ranters and the haters, with a generalized point of view, or a particular political ideology lock, stock and barrel.

What I want is to know people. To hear your stories and invite you to accept an invitation from the One who tells the ocean where to stop. He extends to each one of us the very thing we seek-peace, purpose, hope. Nobody can reply for you, but think about amazing is it that the creator of the world hung the stars in the heavens yet knows us by name, and invites us to know Him too? Not on social media. Not through blogs or podcasts or heated debate, but from the inside out.

In the quiet hidden places of our heart.

He invites
We accept
He meets us there


  1. I love your story of coming to faith and how your pastor invested time in teaching you and showing you what an important decision it was.

  2. Thank you for this today, Joyce. At the age of nine I walked down the aisle to the pastor and told my daddy that I wanted to accept Jesus as my Savior. I rejoice that God called that little girl to Himself and still does 64 years later.

  3. I really enjoyed this post, Joyce! How blessed you are to have been brought up going to church "every single Sunday, and then some"... to have had loving parents and a pastor who cared and invested in you. Too many folks don't have that.

    Kathy (Reflections)

  4. Wow, this is so powerful. And so true that the essence Christianity is found in loving others, the stillness of your heart, and the quiet whisper of the Holy Spirit...not in social media, news, and commentaries.

  5. What a wonderful and moving post you've written.

  6. Awe, loved this post! I was 8 years old when I told my Daddy I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart. I will never forget that day and sometime later my Dad baptized me. Oh, how so many others need to accept His precious gift of eternal life. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. That your pastor invested his I wish I had been that kind of man.

    #1 at FMF this week.

  8. Wonderful testimony. God bless that pastor wherever he is. :)

  9. Oh how I love this post and so relate to it. But my goodness. That the pastor came by each week to explain those things to you touches my heart. I grew up in church, knew all the Bible stories, won every speed drill and Bible trivia game, accepted Jesus in my heart, but didn't come to full understanding of the truths you stated until I was older. What a wonderful pastor. I thank God for my parents and every teacher who taught me truth along the way.

  10. Love this. So thankful that He meets us where we are. Every.Single.Day.
    Bless that pastor's heart.

  11. That was beautiful. I love how the Pastor took so much individual time with you.

  12. Beautifully written, powerful too. Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony.

  13. Thank you for sharing your testimony here - I love to hear others' testimonies. And the reminder that the very God of Heaven longs to meet me in the quiet places of my heart! Visiting from FMF....have a wonderful week!!

  14. Absolutely beautiful testimony, Joyce. I loved reading it. Baptism IS an important decision and care does need to be taken to be sure there's a true understanding of what it means. Your pastor was so good to come to your home and carefully make sure you understood those truths.

    I loved your last paragraph on a personal invitation from the One who tells the oceans where to stop. Beautifully put.

  15. I love your story Joyce. I grew up going to church all the time. My parents were very involved in our church however I never really paid attention. I took God into my heart when I was in my late 40's.