Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Birthday Blog

I love having grown children. I didn't imagine I'd love it as much as I do but life is full of surprises and this is one of the nicest. Daughter2 is celebrating a birthday this weekend and she and her boyfriend are spending it at the lake. We had a celebratory dinner out last night followed by her favorite birthday treat- red velvet cupcakes.

With candles because you're never too old.

This morning me and my girl enjoyed leisurely cups of coffee on the back deck because when you have grown up children you sip coffee instead of itty bitty apple juice boxes. We talked about all manner of things because that's your reward for answering ten million questions in their toddler years. Conversation. And y'all! The conversations with your grown up children are so interesting. They are interesting and they know things and have opinions and they teach you things and make you think in ways you hadn't thought before.

This morning we covered, in no particular order-

the pros and cons of Hello Fresh, people who put their foot in their mouth and how to recover because it happens to the best of us, Thanksgiving travel maybe, aggressive hummingbirds, people who keep exotic pets and how that generally goes very wrong for them, allergies, Christmas plans, the cutest boy we know (her nephew, my grandson), how turning 27 doesn't feel like a big deal and how 57 does, our calendars, college football, funny things kindergartners say, baby showers, and more. 

As a bonus she recited for me the verses she had to memorize for her weekly Bible Study group (Isaiah 52:8-15), which I'm gonna go ahead and tell you are not verses that roll right off the tongue. Unless you're her. She might have sung it for me too because why not?

I wasn't sure I'd write a birthday post today, I mean I've been blogging for eight years so I felt like maybe there wouldn't be anything original to say, but then recently she mentioned how reading my blog on her special day is one of her favorite things about her birthday so there you go. Like I said grown up children surprise us in the happiest of ways.

And so in honor of her special day, here are 27 things about this girl that make my own heart want to sing.

She's darling

and a teensy bit clumsy

She's her sister's best friend and a rockstar aunt

She loves Jesus
Netflix documentaries
and Diet Coke

She has style
eyes bluer than the bluest of blues
and a smile that lights up all the dark places

She is brimming with confidence
Takes charge in situations where somebody needs to take charge
and is brave in all the ways that count.

She cooks and bakes and is only slightly messy in the kitchen
She quotes Red Sox stats and the Bengals roster
can tell you anything and everything about sharks

She sings because she loves to sing

She chases her dreams
holds my hand
calls me Momma.

She gets me. This girl who came into the world late and loud, who velcro-ed her infant self to my person 24/7, had every nerve ending in my body on high alert as she ran (often literally) headlong into life as a toddler, who rolled with the changes and the challenges and whatever came her way as a teen, and who adults like a boss, is my hero.

I want to be her when I grow up.


  1. she sounds like an incredible daughter. Happy Birthday to her!

  2. What a sweet, sweet post! Yes, adult children truly are so much fun and it's such fun watching them soar with the wings we gave them. Happy new week!!!!

  3. What a beautiful post about an amazing young woman. Happy Birthday Maggie ❤️

  4. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. How blessed you are! Yes, adult children are the best of all! ❤️😊

  5. What a lovely tribute to a lovely girl. Happy Birthday to her.

  6. Sweet! Happy birthday to your 27 year old girl! God bless her dearly.

  7. This post is so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes. Happy Birthday to your amazing daughter.

  8. Happy, happy birthday to your Daughter #2!

    Wonderful post!

  9. Happy Birthday to yoyr dayghter!

  10. What a lovely tribute to your daughter but of course it also reflects how great a Mum you are too. Happy birthday Daughter #2!

  11. Happy Happy Birthday Daughter2!!! She sounds like a keeper 💓

  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Beautiful post.

  13. Happy Birthday to Daughter2. Being a Red Sox fan is all I need to know to attest to her sterling character and excellent taste. You raised her right, Momma! Watching your child grow up and become a decent, compassionate and productive adult is a special blessing indeed. Kudos to you and Hubs for a job well done!

  14. Awww what a beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter. How blessed you are to have her and how very blessed she is to have a mama that loves her so.

    Happy birthday!

  15. Kids who have incredible parents and have been "built" on a strong foundation of love and faith usually turn out to be incredible adults, like their folks. You have given both of your daughters a strong foundation. You and hubs are rock stars!!

  16. Such a lovely post. Sounds like a she had a wonderful birthday celebration. Wishing her happiness .....

  17. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. I have to agree that having grown children is nice. I've loved my kids at all stages of life but we have such a strong bond now and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with them.