Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Bunch of Stuff

More like nothing at all but a bunch of stuff sounds a little bit interesting and nothing at all sounds quite the opposite.

Truth be told there are gobs of things I need and want to write about, just not quite yet.

I hate it when bloggers say they have something to tell and then don't tell, but I have a number of things to tell and I'm not telling. Not today anyway, but soon.

I won't say as soon as life settles down because y'all, life just does not seem to ever settle down round here.

Delight! That's my word for this year and I'm hanging on to it by my fingernails. I'm so grateful for my bracelet (read about it here) because I need the visual reminder these days to delight in all the things. I'm not successful every minute of every day, but catching a glimpse of that bracelet on my arm helps a lot.

So does sunshine, which I'm not gonna lie has been in short supply this winter. Yesterday though? Yesterday was glorious and we took advantage of the blue sky-warm air combo and enjoyed a boat ride courtesy of our neighbors. Look no socks!

Temps were in the 60's, we had blankets for our laps, and the sun felt wonderful.

Our boat is at the boat repair place (probably not the official name but whatever) because somehow we wrapped up last year's boating season with a nice little scratch on one side and wanted that fixed before this season launches. We think the scratch happened while docked at a local restaurant but we're not sure. We are sure it wasn't my fault and really that's what matters.

Hubs and I have been volunteering with a local elementary school's water safety program which means every Wednesday afternoon we get in the pool with third grade students and teach basic swimming strokes and general water safety.  There are lots of adult volunteers so we each only have a couple of kids. There's also a lifeguard on duty and I asked last week if she'd ever had to whistle at an instructor. Not yet she hasn't. Ha!

In wedding related news I picked up the bridal gown and my gown and the bride's rehearsal dinner dress from the alterations place last week which was exciting. There are still a lot of little details to be managed but in terms of our wardrobe we're ready. Also, here's a little wedding planning tip-

Use a colored envelope for your replies. So much fun opening the mailbox and seeing all that dusty blue.

Earlier this week I signed up for the April A-Z blog challenge. Kind of on a whim which, let's be honest, is how I always end up signing up for the A-Z.  Somehow this works for me. I do have an idea for a theme this go-round, I just need to find make time to write.

I think to be a good blogger you need to blog several days a week and set your posts to publish first thing in the morning. But here I am ten years in, still blogging when the mood strikes and the planets align, hitting publish on a Wednesday when I should be making dinner.

You know what they say..."If it ain't broke, don't fix it".


  1. It is always fun to see that you have posted and I look forward to your A-Z. I also look forward to reading about the wedding and seeing pictures!! Hope you get your boat back soon!!

  2. The rsvps are fun! My husband wasn't that involved in the planning, but he wanted to open every rsvp and comment to me on the dinner choice. It was so funny and cute.

  3. This is so lovely a post! Seeing that you are all having fun. I love how you are all sitting comfortably on your boat ride and enjoying yourselves! That is how it is meant to be! Kindly feed me on this A-Z Challenge! Sounds like a great one! Thanks for posting dear :-)

  4. True, you life never settles down! Sorry about the scratch on your boat and glad it is getting fixed. Of course it wasn't your fault. That is so awesome about the water safety program and swimming lessons. Glad the wedding plans are going well. I can't blog several days a week anymore. I'm lucky to post once a week. I do miss our Wednesday hodgepodge.

  5. I always enjoy reading your posts and good to see you looking relaxed with only a month to go to the wedding. It must all be very exciting. Looking forward to hearing all about it. I'm looking forward to the A-Z too but I'm falling behind with my forward planning. My grands are lovely and I am so lucky to spend so much time with them but it often doesn't leave time or energy for much else. Blogging sometimes has to be put on the back burner and that's ok.

  6. Your blog posts are a delight, always, no matter when you publish them. I love the lake boating pictures. Glad you finally got some sunshine. I don't do well when the sun doesn't shine.

    I am greatly looking forward to posts about the wedding with wonderful photos.

  7. I don't know when the wedding is but working in A to Z seems like a real challenge. Good luck