Thursday, June 6, 2019

Adventure In The Great Wide Somewhere

Four down, four more to go...
V is for View

Yes with a capital V because I am all about a great view. I had this idea that I would make a list of my favorite views, but once I started scrolling through photos I realized choosing favorites would be an impossible task. 

I live on a lake so there's a beautiful view right outside my window every single day of the year. Morning, noon, and night. Rain or shine. Summer, winter, spring, and fall.

The view never ever gets old, never fails to delight.

But I also really love stumbling across an unexpected view. Stopping at an overlook on the side of a busy road for a peek at the valley below. Stepping out onto a patio and finding a garden in full bloom. Rounding a bend in a forest path to discover a bubbling brook or a rushing waterfall. 

Nature delights in a thousand ways but here are some of the views I love best-

high atop a mountain

from the ocean's edge-

a sunrise sky all the colors of the rainbow (nobody's surprised are they?)-

a fiery sunset to bookend the day-

wide open spaces-

a woodland path leading somewhere up ahead-

a field of flowers in bloom-

great big snow in a winter wood-

waterfalls that roar-

and nature's art-

What views would make your list?