Saturday, June 8, 2019

Y Not Make A List

It's Saturday which means it's time for a list of small delights. My previous Saturday lists have all contained twenty items, but today we land on letter y and that just might strain my brain. We shall see-

Y is for Your Saturday List of Small Delights 

yellow roses
New York city
saying yes to a spontaneous day out with friends
a freshly mown yard
Italian pottery with a bright yellow lemon motif
my grandson saying 'see ya'
Yorkshire pudding beside a Sunday roast
a yellow finch at the feeder
yuletide traditions
a York Peppermint Pattie
fixing something yourself
happening upon a field of yellow sunflowers in bloom
planning a trip over yonder
my yearly birthday celebration
hearing you are loved
knowing you are loved
the first yellow daffodil of spring
comfy yoga pants
feeling young at heart
a yummy dessert

Made it! Now tell me what's on your list this rainy Saturday in June.


  1. Love your list. Today I will dust, vacuum and do the sheets. Leaving a clean house for Mark when I go to Florida next week. Then we have Costco on the list. Picking up some filet mignon to grill at Adam and Gabby's tomorrow!

  2. My favorite y word is Yoga, especially on the beach :-)

  3. I am so impressed with your interesting list of "Y" delights. Our Saturday has been spent on the back porch of our son's lovely home in Northern Indiana. We are soaking up the cool temps and breeze in hopes that it will stick to us when we head back to humid and hot Louisiana a week from now. At that time, my word will be "yearn" to return and enjoy the upper Midwest summer.

  4. After weeks of rain we are having a sunny day, so my favorite "y" thing is that big yellow ball in the sky!

  5. Yard work Yard work and more Yard work. Our yard at lake house was under water for 9 days in May. Every single plant and shrub were killed. We spent whole weekend cleaning out and replanting. I cannot move today. Muscles are screaming.
    I love your posts and your writing so much. I marvel at your use of words and thought! Sorry to read about daughters wedding. And you’re such a good mom to be so understanding with your other one moving so far away. I know we teach our lil birds to fly but when they actually do, it pulls our heartstrings. Life is so complicated at times.
    Plz keep writing when your alphabet is always lift my spirit!!!