Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Carpe diem!

I'm out of ways to explain why I'm still blogging my way through the alphabet so let's just go-

U is for Unexpected Houseguests

Would this fall into the category of things that delight you? Or things that make your stomach lurch and your head spin? We love spontaneous friends who message us and say 'hey are you around on Sunday because we need to get away and would love to see you?' 

Then they get in the car and drive across the mountain and we spend the next 18 hours or so toasting our history with a cup of Pimms, talking and eating and boating and catching up on all the things going on in one another's lives since the last time we were together. 

Which was 2016 but somehow time flies, and here we are three years later picking up right where we left off. 

It's one of the truly great things about friendships forged across the pond. We all still cling to that Carpe diem! motto we embraced back in the day where there was always something new to see and do and learn. We live a different sort of life now, but we still tend to always have a lot going on. Quite often spontaneous last-minute get togethers end up being the easiest and also the most fun. 

We've had some grand travels with these friends including the champagne region of France, the vineyards of Portugal, and a memorable ferry ride off the coast of Hong Kong. 

I'm going to say a spur of the moment Carolina sunrise cruise ranks right up there with them all. 


  1. Sometimes those spur of the moment, unplanned get togethers are the best. Lovely sunset.

  2. Friends like that are just the best!! That sunrise is gorgeous!

  3. How wonderful, I love things like this!