Friday, March 6, 2020

Five Minutes At The Table

Table? Huh?

We've hit the halfway point in the ten day writing challenge and today's word is a head scratcher. I mentioned our old kitchen table in yesterday's post which is unfortunate. Should have looked at the word for today before I hit publish.

Today's prompt-TABLE

When hubs and I built this house we had much discussion over whether or not there would be a formal dining room. Formal in the sense that it would be its own space with all the bells and whistles as opposed to us having one great big kitchen table where all meals would be eaten.

Hubs was inclined to nix the dining room from our blueprint, but I dug in my heels and was adamant there would be a dining room in this house. Where would our great big extended families sit when they came to visit?

Where would we eat Thanksgiving dinner? Store my china and all those rarely used but dearly loved serving pieces?

Celebrate a grandson turning two?

How would we solve all the problems of the world in a house without a dining room?

Because y'all. I'm pretty sure most of the world's problems could be solved if people ganged up less on social media and gathered more often around a dining room table with a plate of food and face to face conversation.

Of course a kitchen table works too, but meals eaten in the dining room take me back to childhood and a simpler time. My dad at the head of the table, carving knife in hand. My mom smoothing the last little wrinkle from her perfectly pressed cloth. My siblings and I using our very best manners because something about dinner in the dining room made you sit up a little straighter and listen a little more.

It gave me an extra oomph of love for these people who were mine.

Time spent at the dinner table can do that. It connects us to one another in a way very few things can, especially in this 21st century immediate-hustle-hurry up way we often live.

Don't we all need to tap the brakes and slow the pace once in a regular while?

Let's linger around the dining room table just a little bit more. Let the love we feel for the people gathered there flood our hearts and fill us till we're full.


  1. I love meals eaten in the dining room...and the memories they hold! So many don't want a dining room anymore, but I love ours! Don't use it often but so special are the times we do!!

  2. I was so lucky to have a family that lingered at the table. Time spent with my grandparents, parents and siblings are such warm memories for me. I've thought of you a great deal recently, Joyce and pray each day for your Korea Family! Hugs!

  3. "Because y'all. I'm pretty sure most of the world's problems could be solved if people ganged up less on social media and gathered more often around a dining room table with a plate of food and face to face conversation..."

    Ofcourse! Absolutely. Love every word, and the heart of your home. Stay blest, cuz you are.
    Your FMF neighbour🌻🌼🌷⚘

  4. Our little family of five usually ate in the kitchen but the dining table was reserved for anytime there was more that just us. What great times and yes those birthday parties and times of meeting around the table to grieve or remember. I enjoyed this topic today.

  5. I miss all the times we met at my grandparents and them my mom and dad's home. Such wonderful memories!

    Your family photos look like you all were having such wonderful times.

  6. We don't have a formal dining room but we do always eat around our table. So important.

  7. I lingered at the dinner-table,
    put my feet up, lit cigar,
    and then was asked if I was able
    to remember where I are.
    "Sure," I said, "I'm at your place,
    and you bid me make myself at home,
    a kind remark that I took at face
    value, and comfort, here I come!"
    God's truth, that is what he'd said,
    and I thought he meant just that
    but then he started turning red
    and reaching for a baseball bat.
    Remarkable, how temper's lost
    when feet go on white tablecloth.