Wednesday, March 18, 2020

On The Street Where You Live

So how is everyone managing so far with the whole social distancing thing? My teacher daughter is working from home and in case anyone wonders what teachers are doing with all that 'free time' they're getting paid for, let me assure you they are working.

The school system requires teachers to keep 'office hours' from 7:30-3:30 and I'm pretty sure she'll hear her message notification sound in her sleep. In addition she is completing report cards, uploading videos, walking parents through the day's work, reading aloud to her students, speaking to parents by phone and email, answering questions, and creating more lesson plans in the event this e-learning turns into 'the remainder of the year'.

Also I'm not sure the Internet was ready for every single person in the US of A to log on today.

Hubs and I are tackling some of those spring cleaning jobs that need tackling. I scoured bathrooms, hubs vacuumed, we covered our porch furniture and temporarily rolled up the outdoor rug because pollen season is officially upon us. I baked a loaf of banana bread with my overly ripe bananas and figured out what I can make for dinner with ingredients from my frig.

It's gray and dreary outside which seems to fit the general mood of the world right now, but everyone needs to strap in and stay the course. We've had a few people call and ask us to do things but y'all! Social distancing means distance from all things social. There are some essential interactions that have to happen but non-essential activities (aka all the fun stuff) need to be put on hold. It's not forever and we can do this.

Let's carry on with the ten day writing challenge shall we...

Day 8-the word prompt is street

I grew up on a street where kids played outside til dark or til their mamas called them home. Where we couldn't wait for Saturday. Where we went door to door selling girl scout cookies and rode bicycles 'Look! No hands!

Where teenagers mowed lawns and washed the family car with a bucket and a sponge.Where we played freeze tag on the front lawn, had garage sales and block parties and knew all the neighbors, not just the ones next door.

Where we walked to school, learned to cross at the corner, say hello when spoken to. Where flags flew and gardens grew and just washed sheets were pinned to a line. Where dinner was at 6 and the evening only news right after.

Where we didn't know what went on behind every closed door.

Where you wore new shoes in September and galoshes when it rained. Where dogs were walked and pumpkins carved and windows were thrown wide open in the coolness of spring.

Where the whole family shared a phone and a couple of cars and only the grown ups drank coffee.

I grew up on a street with backyard swingsets and driveway hopscotch. Where we jumped ropes and kicked cans and tightened skates with a key worn round your neck. Where snow days meant pulling a saucer to the top of the road, then hanging on tight as you careened back down. Where Santa came by firetruck every Christmas Eve.

I grew up on a street where the scent of a charcoal grill said summer's here. Where the world was it's own kind of crazy but not held in your hand or attached to your ear.

I grew up on a street that said be a kid because childhood is a precious thing and should not be hurried.


  1. It would be nice if some of those memories rubbed off on the current generation who now have more time on their hands.

  2. I grew up the same way you did and I am so sorry kids today have missed that kind of freedom. These are trying times, indeed, but I know to my very core that our awesome God is in total control. Be not afraid, I go before you always...

  3. Good post, so true, and look how cute you are!! I have such good memories after reading this. I often wish we could go back to those days. Life was so much simpler then. Thanks for the pleasant reminder.

  4. Funny, Joyce. I wrote a post about being a child on Cape Cod today. Just wanted to write something nice, that did not include the virus.
    Lovely post.

  5. Reliving the childhood memories here with you -- this was great!

    We're staying home and I'm loving it. There's plenty of time do the essentials (laundry and cook) and then read and cross stitch!

  6. Those were the days!! My mom didn't know where I was all day playing with my friends. Take care and stay well. We are in our house for the long run. I pray that our country can get the virus contained and I wish people would stay home!