Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Love In The Time Of Technology

Hmmm..seems I've missed a day or five in the 10- day writing challenge, but 50% is better than none at all don't you think? My plan is to continue knocking out the prompts I missed because it feels really good to be writing again. Today is technically Day 10 of the challenge, but I'm backing up to when things went off course which was Day 6.

The word prompt-send

Ever since I read the word I've been humming that song Send In the Clowns, which for some reason leads me to thinking about politics and how crazy our world is most days. For the record that song has nothing to do with politics, it was written for 'A Little Night Music', but in my mind I think politics.

Relax. I don't blog about politics.

Let's talk grandchildren instead and how we survive ridiculous geography through the miracle of FaceTime. Maybe that sounds a teensy bit dramatic, but honestly there are days when it feels true.

My daughter usually calls as they're beginning tomorrow and we're winding down today. The mancub is often still in his pj's finishing his waffle when technology brings the phone screen magically to life. His eyes light up as our faces appear and he breaks into a smile that sends me to the moon.

We talk about this and that and he might pull out a book or do some Thomas the Tank Engine track repair. He asks his mama for things and she tells him to wait because we're talking and then she says ever so gently, 'remember we need patience'.


Sometimes the mancub wants to tell us what a T-Rex says or how the little boy upstairs came to play and shared his trucks or how he saw an Apache helicopter out the window yesterday. My daughter aims the camera at baby brother who is perfectly precious and I'm sure wonders about the people always shouting HI!! and WE LOVE YOU!! from that thing in mama's hand.

We sigh a little at all we miss and also all we have.

When it's time to hang up I blow a kiss to both the boys. From 7,130 miles away the mancub sends one back. I reach out my hand to catch it as it flies.

Love in the age of technology makes kisses sent around the world feel real enough to touch.


  1. It must be so hard for you with them so far away. I'm glad technology makes it a teeny bit easier.

  2. Ah, heck. That last brought tears to my eyes (for real). So very hard but thank goodness for face time. Loved this post!

  3. I'm glad you're writing more frequently these days. You phrase your thoughts so well, so cleverly.

  4. technology can be such a wonderful thing! My family lives about 750 miles away and using facetime or skype can help us feel better connected.