Saturday, March 21, 2020

Turn Turn Turn

It's only taken 18 days for me to complete the 10-day writing challenge, but nobody's got anywhere they need to be, right?

Here we go...

Day 10 word prompt-clear

Let's talk about something that's on everyone's mind right now.


Ha! You thought I was going to say that other thing, didn't you?

We have had a crazy amount of rain this winter and everyone is so ready for warmer temps, sunnier skies, and the start of spring. But then spring arrives and with it comes rain of a different sort. I almost forget pollen is a season all it's own in the southland, but on the first day of spring we were indeed greeted with sunny skies and yellow everything.

I've always struggled with seasonal allergies and have learned it's best to stay inside as much as possible until a fair chunk of this stuff has hit the ground. Conveniently almost everyone is sticking close to home just now, so not quite as much of a hardship this year.

We had a little bit of rain overnight and woke up to crystal clear blue skies this morning. Hubs and I were like, 'Quick! Get the dogs and let's go for a walk before the air dries up and we're back to pollen everywhere.' 

This too is just a season.
It won't last forever.

Most hard things don't and it's good to remember that in pollen season.

In every season.


  1. We have been invaded by the yellow blanket of early spring. My allergies are testifying to its arrival as well. Yes, this time of isolation has coincided with needing to be inside, so I'm okay with that. We will worry about cleaning everything outside once it's all gone. So enjoyed your writing.

  2. Ah yes the pollen season! It's not quite hit here but it will.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of pollen! We don't have issues like that but we have had a lot of rain over the last two weeks and one of the coldest winter's on record in my opinion, along with extremely strong winds this year.
    Take care, stay well.

  4. What wise words, to remind us this is just a season, not to last forever, whatever we are facing right now.