Friday, June 12, 2020

Five Minutes of How

I have lots of thoughts about lots of things, but the world is so loud and so angry and so completely bonkers right now that I decided instead of launching into a rant I might regret I'd hop on the Five Minute Friday bandwagon. Happy Friday! Let's keep it that way, k? 

For those who are unfamiliar with how FMF works, here's the deal-

Tell your inner critic to hush then write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word. Then hop over to our hostesss with the mostest (Kate Motaung), and add your link to the party. Be sure and leave a comment for the writer who linked before you, because a little bit of kindness goes a long way. 

Today's prompt-how

When I saw today's prompt my first thought was something like how do I love thee...let me count the ways. For real. Let me count the ways. 

Hubs and I will celebrate another year of wedded mostly bliss on Tuesday, so one for every year feels about right. Also we've been married a long time so it's a long list and took more than five minutes to create. 

And now in no particular order here's the how-

  1. You're still funny, still make me laugh even when I don't want to laugh. 
  2. Especially when I don't want to laugh
  3. You vacuum. Should this have been in the #1 spot? Perhaps. 
  4. You grill a steak just the way I like it
  5. You read what I write and love it because I wrote it
  6. Still the best D.J. I know
  7. Still grab me for a dance around the kitchen 
  8. Still waterski like you're 25-ish
  9. Look at me like I'm 25-ish
10. Know a lot of useless but interesting random trivia
11. You love your girls
12. your grandboys
13. are the best Pawpaw I know
14. You push encourage me to try new things
15. Make friends everywhere you go
16. Love people
17. Love the great outdoors
18. Pull the covers back and stack my pillows just the way I like them every single night. 
19. Share my love of porch sittin'
20. Sunday naps
21. sunset cruises
22. You always have a to-do list
23. Actually check things off your to-do list 
24. Ask what's on my to-do list 
25. You love American history
26. all things space-sky-star related
27. your MG
28. a good haircut
29. me by your side
30. A dog is still your best friend
31. You obsess over every single blade of grass in the yard or a single stray leaf on the driveway
32. You cook a mean omelette
33, Are on board with a good road trip
34. Make sure there's chocolate-raspberry cake on my birthday
35. Let me sleep with the fan on in the dead of winter 
36. Are still the one

Happy Anniversary hubs...oh how the years roll by...


  1. I love this! My husband and I celebrated our 17th anniversary in May. It was rather mundane, given the current situation. Thanks for your lovely list to remind me of all the important things that make up a life long marriage.

  2. Best post I have read today! Thank you for your light heart in a heavy world and congratulations on your anniversary!

  3. You two love-birds!! What a great tribute to 36 years of marriage!!

  4. Happy, Happy Anniversary! I just love love stories!

  5. What a delightful post and such a loving, fun tribute to your hubby for your anniversary! I loved reading this, Joyce! And your wedding photo is gorgeous!

  6. Congrats. My husband and I are approaching 20 years this summer. This would be a great exercise to do together.

  7. Aww what a lovely tribute to your hubby and marriage. Happy Anniversary for Tuesday. Ours was this Tuesday.

  8. We will celebrate our 56th this year, and the many of your reasons (except the dog, boat cruises, and the blades of grass) would also be mine as well.

  9. Happy Anniversary! Oh my, I love your list. You're very blessed. I could go for some of that.

  10. Belated Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you have a jackpot of a hubs. what a blessing.

  11. So great. It's good to count the ways! Happy Anniversary.