Monday, June 29, 2020

More Summer Sweetness

Last Monday I wrote about the sweetness of summer and not gonna lie, I had to look a little harder for it this weekend. The weather y'all! What is up with the weather? I live in sunny South Carolina except this year we've had so much rain. And if it's not raining it's cloudy more often than not, so the days aren't feeling the way summer normally feels.

What is normal anyway, in this very abnormal year? Perhaps weird weather is just par for the course. 

Hubs and I did manage a Friday evening boat ride and in case you didn't know, watching the sun slip from the sky will add a splash of sweetness to your weekend. 

Satuday we had plans to take the boat out but the air was coated in a thin layer of Saharan dust storm dust (did I mention the weather has been weird??) so we headed to the plant nursery instead. By car in case anyone is confused. We needed to repot a couple of plants that grew like beanstalks (see there's a bright side to all that rain!) and we wanted to get something for the pots beside our garage which have been sitting empty for a while. 

We opted for Lantana and I love this color combo. Also, I have the most gorgeous shade of geraniums beside my front door which have been blooming big since the first of May. 

Shoutout to my sweet limelight hydrangeas too, which are one of my favorites. 

In other nature related happenings we have a new crop? flock? of baby bluebirds in the house (the bluebird house, not our literal house), and they are noisy and precious. 

I know this photo looks like a big ball of fluff but I have to hold my camera up over my head and tilt it down which means I have no idea if I'm capturing anything or not. Still here they are...a big ball of fluff. 

Watching all the adults care for them is super sweet too. There are at least six parents-aunts-uncles-so I guess bluebirds are quarantining with extended family in 2020.  

Hubs would say this was pretty sweet. 

I was actually sound asleep on the screened porch enjoying the sweetness of a Saturday afternoon nap when he started hollering for me to get the camera. I tried to pretend I didn't hear him (hey, we've all been there, right?) but he wasn't having it. 

It's a ginormous, albeit harmless, black rat snake which supposedly keeps the copperheads and other unsavories at bay so I tried to act like it was cool but if I'm being honest I'm not all that cool with snakes. Or bats. Bats really give me the heebie jeebies. 

Did I tell y'all hubs was on a ladder last week, 18 feet up checking out what we thought was some sort of mark/stain on our covered deck ceiling, and I was holding said ladder to be sure it didn't tip when a bat flew at lightning speed, straight out of the deck light in that crazy erractic way bats fly, and dive bombed us? I might have lost it. Thankfully hubs had the presence of mind not to fall which I guess was pretty sweet. Also, thankfully the pest guy said it was a fluke and not a whole crop? flock? of bats living up there. 

Finally, these sweet things-

I swiped this picture from my daughter and it's everything I imagined when I imagined baby brothers. They are just too sweet! 

Hope you found some sunshine in your weekend too...happy Monday!


  1. I love all you flowers and birds pics but the snake pic - that should come with a health warning lol. Our Nathan had that same toy and now Rory has it. He loves it. But then he loves anything that makes a noise lol.

  2. Total sweetness in that photo of the brothers playing together!! Not so sweet... that huge snake (though I do know they are helpful keeping pests away). Bats are terrible when they fly at you, but they eat mosquitoes so I try to remember they help us too. Our weather has been crazy hot and then we get thunder and lightening and rain (even hail a couple of nights ago) in the evening. Crazy is probably an understatement! Have a good week, Joyce!

  3. We have lots of that same Lantana in our flower beds. It's our accent color for the summer and it is just beautiful. Wow, I'm impressed that Hubs didn't fall off the ladder when the bat flew out. Oh, my! Yes, brothers are mighty sweet.

  4. We have had snakes around the dock, on the ladder, and on the water mat, AND a bat in the house so far this summer. 2020 has been a challenge all around! Thankfully, moments with the grands help make the days sweet! Have a happy 4th!

  5. Bats give me the creeps too!! I love that sunset photo and what beautiful flowers you have.

  6. Saw the snake and went back to the pictures of the potted Lantana and your lovely front door. Wanna forget the snake part (and bat!).

  7. Oh my! That snake is huge!!!

    Love your sunset photo and the grandsons too!!

  8. We get some June Gloom this time of year. It's been almost daily, the worst we have ever seen. Weather is crazy everywhere! Love the sunset from the boat. Lovely Lantana. We have several in our yard. Geraniums are my favorite but we don't have any right now. Love your front door and I like the limelight hydrangeas. I've never seen those. The birds are so sweet. No thank you on the snake!!! That was a scary ladder issue. The boys are too cute. Brotherly love!