Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Lovin' The Hodgepodge!

Welcome to summer (almost) and another edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge! If you've answered this week's questions add your link at the end of my post. Be sure to jump over and say hey to the blogger linking before you because everybody's cleaned up for company on Hodgepodge day. Here we go-

1. Saturday marks the first official day of summer! Whoohoo! Your favorite thing about the season?

We have had some delightfully cooler weather aka no humidity these past couple days and if summer could be humidity free I'd be happy. Here in the Palmetto State summer is the opposite of humidity free so long story long, not the weather. Did you ask what I don't love about summer? No? Oops.

Longer daylight is what I love most about summertime. 

2. Love it!, labor of love, not for love or money, no love lost, love handles, love does, love-hate relationship, misery loves company, tough love, love will find a way...pick one and tell us how it applies to your life right now.

Hubs and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary yesterday, so I'm going with love does. I love words more than the average person, but love is also an action that needs to be expressed in a thousand large and small gestures over the course of a long and happy marriage. 

3. What's one thing currently causing you to seethe? One thing currently making you smile?

I don't like to write about what makes me seethe here, but I will for the sake of answering this question. Also, just one thing? There is much to seethe about in 2020 but I'm going with this- 

Throngs of people protesting, sharing the same bullhorn, shouting, also sitting in tightly packed venues to attend the funeral of someone they did not know even a little bit. In the meantime Joe Citizen was denied the chance to say goodbye or hold the hand of the one person they held most dear in the world as that person drew their last breath. 

Mothers, spouses, sisters, and more died alone save for some blessed healthcare worker because people followed guidelines set forth by the medical community, but in literally one flip of the calendar page, it was suddently okay for thousands to gather?

Let's shift gears and think happy thoughts...what makes me smile? My grandsons-

Always my grandsons-

4.Of the following to-dos found on a summer checklist (here) which three would definitely make your personal list of summer want-to-dos?

roast marshmallows over a fire, go berry or peach picking, dangle your feet off the end of a dock, sit on a porch swing, watch the sunset from a beach, nap in a hammock, go barefoot in the grass collect seashells, play tennis, go fishing, build a sandcastle, catch fireflies, eat a soft serve ice cream cone, make a pitcher of Sangria, swim in a lake, stargaze, ride a bike, paddle a canoe or kayak, make a summer road trip, throw a frisbee

I will definitely swim in a lake, paddle a kayak, and stargaze. 

Do you make an actual list?

Not usually. I live on a lake and most of the activities listed are part of everyday life here in the summertime. Now I always have a travel list, but that has been set aside, temporarily I hope. 

5.Thursday is National Splurge Day. What might you splurge on in order to celebrate?

Perhaps that soft serve ice cream cone?

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Happy Father's Day to my hubs who was made to be a girl dad xo


  1. Oh I would love to live on a lake. It would be beautiful and there would always be something fun to do. Your grandsons are adorable!

  2. Great answers and pictures to all questions! Summer! Bring it on!

  3. Your grandsons are growing up too fast! Adorable!!
    I feel the same way with your answer to question #3.

  4. I think it might have been more dangerous to not have that funeral. The protests are still going on, but they're calmer now.

    This virus has taken away from us the very thing that usually helps us survive disasters, the ability to gather together.

    It's way too cruel.

  5. Such beautiful photos. It always looks so relaxing there. I would love it!
    I feel the same about the current state of affairs. Double standards seem to abound.
    Thanks for the questions and for hosting us. Have a blessed day!

  6. You live in the perfect spot to enjoy summer to it's fullest. Love seeing the photos of your grandsons and how they are growing. Your seethe is a worthy seethe for sure. Such weird double standards right now. Hope the end of Spring goes well at the lake!

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  8. Thank you for #3. I lived it. Never again!

  9. It does make me sad to think of all the people in nursing homes who cannot have visitors.

    Sweet pictures of your grandsons!

    I enjoyed the list for summer, there were some great ideas on there.

  10. Hi Joyce,
    Well done in summing up your seethe.. I could not put my feelings into words as well as you did. I had to settle with sharing about the squirrels that are taking over my gardens. LOL

    Happy Anniversary!! My sister and husband have the same special date. :-)
    xx oo

  11. You seem to live on an exceptionally beautiful lake, so I guess maybe I could handle the humidity! Your grandsons are always adorable and they make me smile, too. I had a couple of friends who were denied gathering together for funerals and one couple was not even admitted into the state where his mother had passed. They were turned back. That is quite upsetting and was difficult for my friend's husband to handle.

  12. Hi Joyce, I found you over at Respice Prospice. I love link ups and this one is definitely a fun one! Thanks so much for hosting.

  13. Happy Anniversary, Joyce! What wonderful pictures of your lil grands. M'gosh, these look like a photo spread in a magazine! I'm right there with you on #3. Thanks again for these fun questions!

  14. Yep I share your seething and the happiness that Grandkids bring. That picture of your girls and their Dad is lovely. Deep breaths!

  15. Happy anniversary! Those grandsons are adorable! Happy Father's Day to your hubs! Great picture of him with his girls! Thanks for the Hodgepodge, Joyce!

  16. Yes, great answer about the longer hours of light. I love that too! Happy Anniversary. Excellent answer for your seethe!! Of course the kids are the happy in our lives. God is good! Happy Father's Day to the photo with your girls.

  17. Happy Anniversary! Loved reading your love post. Our weather has been gorgeous this week too. Low humidity and plenty of sunshine, perfect!
    Beautiful picture of your husband and your girls.

  18. Happy anniversary!

    I am so with you on #3. When my mom fell and broke her leg 2 months ago, neither my brother or I were allowed to be with her in the hospital, or visit her at the nursing home where she rehabbed for 3 weeks. It was frustrating.

  19. Regarding #3, what causes you to seethe: you brought up a really valid point that I had not thought about (and I'm ashamed I had not, it's soooo obvious!). You stated it well.

    The photos of your grandsons enjoying the water are cute -- the younger one with the splash pad water is an especially clever piece of photography!

  20. I have been gone from the Hodgepodge too long. I had no idea there was another "Man Cub." They are both adorable.

  21. I love your photos and I Love that I found you at Myra's blog. I did participate and my post went wonky a bit with my words. I will come back later and work on fixing the format. But I am due for a haircut and I am not a fan of wearing these masks. I am grateful it is raining today so it is cooler. I could use a prayer and thank you for all your words here. It was a wonderful read. HUGS xo

  22. Grandchildren will put a smile on your face every time. Happy Anniversary! We will be having the memorial service next Sunday for our dear friend who died back in May from C-19. No one was there with her when she died and that will forever be tragic for the family. So yes, there should be some righteous indignation right now. About a lot of things.