Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Hot Hot Hotdgepodge

Welcome to this week's edition of The Wednesday Hodgepodge. It's a hot one here in the Palmetto State, hence our theme. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post, then be a good neighbor and go leave a comment for the blogger linking before you. Thanks for playing along today-

1.  Do you think the pandemic has had any kind of positive impact on your mental health? Explain.

Hmmm...I will say I've honestly appreciated the slowdown to an always busy jam packed calendar. I think too, the opportunity for rest and reflection without feeling like I should be doing a hundred other things has been good for my soul.

2. A hot mess, hot under the collar, in hot water, hot button, hot diggity dog!, hot shot, hot seat....choose one and tell us how it applies to your life currently.

I live in the southland so I'm going with a hot mess. 
As in America is a bit of a hot mess these days. 
Bless her heart. 

3. Speaking of the hot seat, do you work well under pressure or do you actively avoid high pressure situations?

If we're talking about accomplishing tasks and getting things done then yes, I work well under pressure. If we're talking confrontation then no, I do my absolute best to avoid it. 

4. Hotdogs-yay or nay? If you said yay how do you like yours? Did you know July is National hotdog month?

I do love a hotdog, make mine with mustard and relish please, except hold the hot dog because I rarely indulge these days. 

5. I read here a list of America's coolest Southern towns. They are Marfa Texas, Greenville South Carolina, Abindgon Virginia, Athens Georgia, Bentonville Arkansas, Florence Alabama, Oxford Mississippi, Abita Springs Louisiana, Wilmington North Carolina, Monroeville Alabama, McMinnville Tennessee, Natchez Mississippi.  How many on the list have you seen in person? Which town on the list would you most like to see?

Well one of these cities is near and dear to my heart and I happen to live nearby. I don't want to say which one because it's made a lot of these types of lists and is becoming something of a destination for tourists. Besides the one I'm not mentioning I've also been to Abindgon Virginia but it's been a while. 

Of the cities listed I'm most interested in Athens, Bentonville, and Oxford. 

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

"It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream." Bernard Williams 


  1. Same for #3. My need to avoid confrontation has been increasing as I get older and hopefully wiser ;) Beautiful sunset, those puffy clouds are amazing!

  2. I try my darnest to avoid confrontations; I like smooth sailing. The next time you visit Abingdon, give me a holler!

  3. Beautiful sunset on the lake! I laughed at the 'bless her heart,' but not the mess this country is in right now. Thanks for today's Hodgepodge, Joyce.

  4. I think those of us who have actually enjoyed the isolation are in a minority, and I completely agree with your assessment. I do hope you can visit Bentonville one day soon. It is a delightfully arty, Walton inspired town. There are lots of interesting places surrounding it as well.

  5. Loved your random thought! Thank you for hosting.
    Laughter and Consistency

  6. True, you are normally off doing something so slowing down would be a nice diversion for you. Enjoyed reading your answers Joyce. The photo is beautiful.

  7. I am the same way, avoid confrontations at all cost. I have enjoyed the slow-down pace the pandemic has forced as well. Makes us all stop and enjoy the beautiful sunset a little longer before rushing off to get somewhere else. Beautiful picture.

  8. Hi Joyce,
    Aw, I love your random.
    Wisconsin was hot last week! We had 105 heat index for several days. Definitely not use to that. Ha.

  9. I love a great sunset! I always want to hold on to it. I've enjoyed the rest we've enjoyed during the pandemic, but I'm ready to stop reading about the number of people dying from it. And I'm tired of seeing the masks.

  10. Sunsets are special. I'm glad you have some good positive things coming from these COVID restrictions. I'm with you on #3!

  11. I agree that America is a hot mess right now and let's do bless her heart! This was a fun Hodgepodge, Joyce! Thanks!! Your sunset is gorgeous!

  12. I can't remember the last time I ate a hot dog but I do enjoy them with a bit of mustard.

  13. Like you, I have rather enjoyed the slow-down that COVID has necessitated. But at the same time, I do grieve that when I get out into the marketplace, it's clearly not bustling and cheerful, the way it used to be.

  14. Great answers! Since I am going back and forth between my two blogs, I decided to use my Tata's Cottage today. Have a wonderful weekend. HUGS across the miles.