Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Gift Of A Mother

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Today my mother celebrates a milestone birthday. Except because of you know what she's in New Jersey and I'm in South Carolina many many miles away. Boo.

But!! One of the many wonderful things about mothers is they're always close in heart. She'll be well celebrated by my sibs who live nearby, but since she loves to read my blog it seems only right I add something here too.

Without mentioning her actual age (she would not like that at all) here's a list of oh, let's just pick a random number...say 90 things I know-love-appreciate about my mom.
  1. she was raised in New Mexico
  2. but there's a little bit o' Jersey in her too
  3. she's smart
  4. still a beauty
  5. with a great smile 
  6. she loves Jesus
  7. taught us to love Him too
  8. she took us to church
  9. said grace before meals
  10. studied her Bible
  11. studies it still 
  12. knows scripture from memory 
  13. loves books
  14. especially mysteries
  15. and novels set in England
  16. she read to us when we were small 
  17. and also when we were too big for her lap
  18. she's a little bit shy
  19. loves words 
  20. is an excellent cook
  21. taught us all to cook
  22. baked Christmas cookies by the hundreds
  23. tells a plant to grow and it does 
  24. presses a tablecloth to perfection
  25. cut out all the paperdoll clothes without snipping off any of the tabs
  26. bought a dress for my favorite doll every Christmas
  27. bought dresses for my real life daughters every Christmas 
  28. brushed out all my tangles
  29. listened to all my worries
  30. listens to them still
  31. prayed for me
  32. prays for me still 
  33. raised four children
  34. is Mema extraordinaire to four grands
  35. great-gran to my daughter's darling boys
  36. was a caring sister
  37. a loving daughter
  38. a devoted military wife
  39. moved like a boss umpteen times
  40. learned to sew
  41. do needlework
  42. has an artists' eye
  43. arranges flowers like a pro
  44. started a church library
  45. taught Sunday School to young married couples
  46. could speak Spanish
  47. volunteered in lots of ways
  48. kept a super clean house
  49. manages a large home still
  50. makes the best pan of enchiladas anywhere
  51. was a librarian
  52. is a good neighbor
  53. loves to shop
  54. has great style 
  55. a perfect complexion
  56. she collects angels
  57. loves chocolate
  58. eating out
  59. traveling
  60. she set a good example
  61. rocked my babies
  62. never didn't have time to drop everything and play pretend
  63. loved my little girls with all her heart
  64. still loves my girls with all her heart 
  65. has trouble saying no to my girls
  66. really has trouble saying no to my nephew, her only grandson
  67. she cried when our dog died
  68. solves difficult crossword puzzles
  69. is independent
  70. determined
  71. capable
  72. generous
  73. loves a cup of tea
  74. pretty teapots too
  75. ties beautiful bows
  76. always did Christmas up big
  77. chooses gifts with tender loving care
  78. wraps gifts with that same care
  79. hung tinsel one single strand at a time
  80. sent us to camp
  81. loves games
  82. hates to lose at games 
  83. still plays in her neighborhood bridge club
  84. made me feel safe 
  85. is always happy to see me
  86. talk to me
  87. spend time with me
  88. is loved beyond measure
  89. a part of myself
  90. her children call her blessed
...and feel grateful to have grown up and older with a mother like ours.

Happy birthday Mom! We all love you BIG xo


  1. Wow! What a great job you did with those 90 things, obviously giving her some to grow on. A very Happy 🎉 Birthday to your lovely mother!

  2. Love this tribute to your dear mom! Such a blessing to have one who is wise...

  3. Loved this. Makes me want to know her. Happy birthday to your mom!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom Joyce. I enjoyed the tribute.

  5. That's a beautiful list! Happy birthday to your extraordinary mom!!

  6. Belated birthday wishes to your Mum and what a lovely tribute to her. I bet it brought tears to her eyes but in a good way.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom! A Proverbs 31 woman indeed. You are blessed.

  8. Beautiful post. I hope she had a lovely celebration!