Monday, July 13, 2020

Still Finding Sweetness

Earlier this summer I wrote a summertime sweetness post, and then another, and today there's another. In this season like no other it's good to seek out beauty, to notice the small things, and to feel grateful. Here's a few things on my list today-

A scrunchy faced baby boy who makes my heart soar from an ocean away-

Weekends. We like to say when you're retired everyday is the weekend, and it kind of is, but somehow they still manage to feel like an exhale when an exhale is needed. We finally had a full weekend of gorgeous summertime weather and spent all day Saturday out of doors.

My sister and brother-in-law and my niece and her fiance came for a late morning brunch on the patio and it was fun to catch up in person after months of not catching up in person.

These adorable cousins are both brides-to-be, and it's so much fun to be in this planning season together.

Normally we come and go a lot round here, but one of the blessings of not coming and going is all our plants are getting lots of tlc and it shows. They're blooming and thriving in a time when life feels the opposite.

We've tried to get a mandevilla to climb this little trellis several summers in a row and it seems 2020 is her year. She has been showing off all summer and it makes me so happy to step out on my deck and see her bright pink blooms.

Hubs superhot chili pepper plant is loaded and nearly ready for picking too.

Nothing sweeter than a summertime 'mater samich with a side of Duke's.

If you could read that and were nodding your head, you might be from the southland.

The lake is always a little busier on the weekends so we try to save our boating for later in the day on Saturdays. Sunset cruises are my favorite anyway, and I love watching the sky change as clouds move about and the sun sinks low-

Sunday afternoon we hit the neighborhood pool for a swim and had the place pretty much to ourselves.

My book is good. Ha! The Huntress by Kate Quinn. Bonus, someone has been crafty during this time of #stayhome and left sweet reminders all around the neighborhood. We found this one at the pool.

This morning I was up before the birds and the mowers and the buzz of ordinary Monday morning life and I took a deep breath of quiet stillness to help carry me into a somewhat busy week.

Busy for us retirees anyway.

Which in the scheme of things is not all that busy, but there are more than a few things on the calendar so it feels busy-ish.

Hope you found the sweetness of summer in your weekend too!


  1. Sounds like a peaceful and relaxing summer to me.

  2. Loved The Huntress! If you're interested, also try another of her books, The Alice Network. Your summertime pics are just lovely, especially the scrunchy-faced boy.

  3. Lots of summer sweetness to enjoy here. Thank you for lovely things to see and read.

  4. Yes, that scrunchy smile is adorable! And, we have several Mandavilla's on trellis' and they are all very happy. Hubby talks to them. :o)) Have a great week Joyce.

  5. There is enough sweetness in that face to last an entire summer and into the fall, at least. He is adorable and so is his big brother. Enjoy your busy week and find some time to rest in between appointments!

  6. Oh my, it all sounds perfect to me. I love all the photos and your grandsons scrunchy face. How exciting for the cousins! That pepper plant looks awesome too.