Monday, July 27, 2020


Dear Mancub,

Today you are three.

And of all the three year olds in all the world you're my favorite.

I was looking back at my post from one year ago today and my oh my but the world has done some shifting and changing and groaning and grieving. It's a pandemic year, an election year, and a chaotic year in so very many ways yet there you are, spreading all kinds of sunshine and happiness from seven million miles away.

Okay, but it might as well be seven million.

We are grateful every single day for the miracle of technology that allows us to watch you work and play, to hear the sweetness of your voice, and to feel all the feels we hold in our heart bubble right on up and over because you're ours.

And you're remarkable.

Smart and tender.

A little bit o' Momma, a little bit Dad, and the rest all extraordinary you.

Two parts curiosity, one part mischief.

Always happy to see us and now old enough to understand you miss us.

We miss you too darling boy, more than words can say.

You love throwing the football with Daddy and baking with Mommy. Helicopters, trains, kids, the splash pad, Mickey Mouse, new words, big words, vacuuming, and baby brother, not necessarily in that order, but every once in a while in that order. teehee.

This year you became a big brother and speaking as one of four children myself I can tell you that with every candle added to your cake you will become exponentially more grateful for the gift of siblings. Little guy watches you with awe and wonder and you make him laugh from his belly. You are growing a friendship whose roots go deep and will last a lifetime.

You were born into a family of readers and you love your books.

You're a charmer and comedian. A mover and a shaker who loves to throw and catch-run and jump-ride and climb. You eat and sleep like a teenager but still snuggle onto Momma's lap because mothers love us like no other and you were gifted the best of the best.

We love watching you learn and grow and love your people, and know we're the luckiest grandparents in the world to call you ours.

Happy birthday mancub. You are so very precious and your Nana/Didi loves you deep and wide.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He makes straight your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6 


  1. Beautiful post, Happy birthday to your adorable little Mancub :)

  2. Ok. I'm crying. Beautiful. As a Mimi to twin boys about to turn 3 I totally get what you have written. My heart breaks for you living so far away from your grandboys. One day your little mancub will read this and you will have put a big smile on his face.

  3. Happy Birthday to your adorable grandson. He is blessed to have you for a Nana!

  4. Sweet! Happy third birthday to your little Mancub!

  5. Such a special post for a precious little boy. He will love reading this someday when he's older. I know you miss him so much. This is year is difficult for everyone. I'm thankful that everyone is doing well. I hope he has a wonderful Happy Birthday!

  6. This post is such a tender gift for your little mancub! Full of love and wonder. Those boys are both so precious! Happy birthday!!

  7. Such a lovely post. Hope you got a good video time with him on his birthday.