Thursday, August 13, 2020

2020 Tom Foolery

It's been a couple of weeks since I've blogged anything more than the weekly Hodgepodge, so thought I'd play catch up here today. Talk about what's been been going on in our little corner of the world.

So what has been going on?

Well there's a pandemic. Did you hear? Ha! Whew. It's getting old, isn't it? I heard someone say it's starting to feel like a heavy wet blanket across the shoulders and I think she's right.  Today when I got up I thought, "I need a day off." From what though? It's not like we're doing all that much but I feel like I need a day off anyway.

Earlier this week, or actually I guess it was last week, but who really knows because everyday is a lot like the one before, and a-ny-way...I opened the sliders to greet the morning, steaming cup of coffee in hand, took a deep breath, and yuck. The air smelled so fishy.

We live on what is one of the cleanest lakes in all of North America and it never ever smells fishy, but this day it was definitely smelling fishy. I looked out towards the dock and saw a huuuge turkey vulture eating breakfast, right there on our shoreline.

Raise your hand if turkey vultures kind of skeeve you out? Yeah.

I told hubs he needed to walk down there, because I don't care if it is 2020, investigating and dealing with dead stuff is a man's job. It was in the handbook we were given when we said I Do.

There wasn't a handbook, but I do have a mental list of rules and this is one of them, which hubs knows so he walked down there and then yelled for me to bring the camera. Hmmm. I yelled back, 'Is this going to be something I can't unsee?' and yes it was, but I brought the camera anyway.

Y'all. This vulture was chowing down on the biggest catfish I've ever seen. His head was the size of a basketball and with his mouth wide open he looked even bigger. Hubs dealt with it, but all I could think about was how a vulture casually dining on the worlds biggest catfish right in my backyard is pretty much 2020 in a nutshell.

Let's change topics. We had an earthquake. I know! We were sitting on our deck early Sunday morning and we felt the rumble, the deck shook a little which was a bit disconcerting, and our hanging lanterns started swaying. It lasted long enough to make you think, and we found out later a quake measuring 5.1 on the scale had it's epicenter about three hours from us.

We also were treated to a rainbow last week which I guess balances things out. We've had so many rainbows this summer, so many crazy rainstorms where the sun keeps right on shining, I guess even the weather doesn't know which way is up right now. I do love a rainbow though, and while this one wasn't quite as vivid as the last it was still so pretty. After the weather cleared hubs and I hopped on the boat to catch the sunset because we knew we'd get a good one.

We were right.

This has nothing to do with the weather or unusual occurrences (unless you count people coming over for dinner as an unusual occurrence), but we had some friends come for dinner Monday evening (outdoors of course) and I baked this salted caramel butter cake that was as delicious as it sounds.

I took this right after I poured the caramel butter sauce over the cake, and after it cools you remove it from the pan and drizzle the top with a salted caramel syrup. So good! You can find the recipe here. 

In other delicious news, this little guy is all of nine months old now and he is such a joy.

Big brother started a little preschool program two mornings a week and we are just loving watching them both grow and learn and discover something new about the world every day.

The distance stinks, and hubs and I might throw tiny little pity parties for one another now and then, never in the same moment though, which helps. My daughter is wonderful about keeping us connected, which we appreciate more than words can say.

Sunday evening we kayaked with a few neighbors over to a nearby island because you never ever tire of sunsets on the lake and this one was a beauty.

The temperature was perfection, the night quiet, and the lake still. With every exhale you feel your cares float further and further away.

When life is fragile and uncertain it helps to know the One who sets the sun.


  1. I love eating breakfast on the deck (or patio on those rare days it rains). We haven't seen many rainbows here though since we are basically in the middle of a drought. Even the tropical storm/hurricane only brought winds and still no rain.. lots of power outages though for days on end so that was fun. LOl. Ah...2020.. a year none of us are ever going to forget.

  2. This is both a beautiful and entertaining post, Joyce. (although the turkey vulture was yucky) You express well how most of us feel, I'm sure, about the stuff that's going on in our lives. Yes indeed, it REALLY HELPS to know the One who sets the sun.

  3. Your last line sums up what I've been thinking. The silver lining to the pandemic is I'm really reminded of how important it is to be near Him. That huge catfish must have been seriously gross and also fascinating!
    Laughter and Consistency

  4. You are so blessed to live where you live. It looks so beautiful.

  5. It has been one crazy year! All of your photos are so gorgeous and thank you for not sharing one of the catfish or vulture. The weather has definitely gone crazy along with everything else this year. I heard about the earthquake - crazy! Your cake looks amazing and your little grands are so adorable. Stay safe and sane :)

  6. Without the assurance of knowing the One who sets the sun, I can't imagine living through this crazy, weird, unusual time. It is only in Him that we find hope knowing this isn't how our story ends. Really enjoyed your catch-up post. Those boys are so adorable.

  7. I will go check out that recipe when I finish posting this! Thanks for sharing! Those boys are so darn cute. Gosh, the time goes so fast. Preschool already. Your catfish/vulture story made me giggle, but I am here and didn't smell the smell! Your lake is so pretty and it is so great that you can enjoy your neighbors while boating and swimming there. Awesome!

  8. So good to know the One who sets the sun. Like a few others I'm going to check out that recipe now.

  9. Such a lot of good things to help with all the other "stuff" right now. Thank you for not sharing the vulture photos lol but always good to see photos of your Grandsons. They are so alike. But yes they grow too fast. Nathan finally got a haircut this week, well more of a trim really because his curls are still there lol. Enjoy your lake and sunsets and keep writing.

  10. “It helps to know the One who set the sun”....
    That may be most profound statement I’ve ever heard!! Thanks for warming my heart tonight!

  11. Yes it's getting old. Wow on that vulture. OMG and then an earthquake! Rainbows are always wonderful to see. That cake does look delicious. I love all the pictures and I'm always thinking about you and the boys. Your time in the water looks so refreshing.