Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Dog Days Of A Summer Hodgepodge

Welcome to another edition of The Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions  add your link at the end of my post, then be sure to leave a comment for the blogger linking before you. That's how the Hodgepodge rolls-

1. The Hodgepodge lands on National Dog Day this year (August 26th). Do you own a dog? Did you have a dog when you were growing up, or maybe some other kind of pet? Would you say you're more of a dog person or a cat person? Neither is okay too : )

Do we own a dog? Trick question-ha! Technically no, but we have two living with us and one will likely stay on as ours once our daughter and her family return stateside. We haven't set that in stone, but he's so happy here and loves the lake so I imagine he's going to stay with us for good. 

Plus they might have to wrestle hubs down to get him back even though he sometimes makes us a little bit crazy. Don't all dogs sometimes make you crazy? 

Daughter2 will be taking her sweet pup with her into married life many states away. 

And we'll cry in the driveway because her dog never makes us crazy. 
Well almost never. 

I grew up with a dog in the house and am definitely a dog person. I'm allergic to cats. 

2. Last time you felt 'dog tired'?

That's extra extra tired, right? Utterly exhausted as opposed to the normal 'age I am' kind of tired? I probably haven't felt dog tired since the Asia jet lag we experienced back in the fall. 

Although there was one morning this summer hubs and I pulled weeds in the high heat and ridiculous humidity and I pretty much felt like I'd been run over by a truck the rest of the day. 

3. It's said you can't teach an old dog new tricks. When did you last prove this idiom true or prove it wrong?

I feel like I mostly prove this true, but every now and then I figure out some trick of technology (usually with a lot of help from my girls) and when that happens I feel like I could rule the world. It's the little things people.

4. A favorite book, television show, or movie featuring a dog. Why did you love it?

Without a doubt my favorite dog book is Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, which I've sobbed through more than a time or two. Pretty sure to qualify as a good dog book tears should be shed in the reading. 

Why do I love it? It's an old fashioned-never gets old story of a ten year old boy and his coonhounds living in the Ozark Mountains, which sounds like it might be boring but I assure you it is not. The writing is so wonderful and the story nestles right into that part of your heart where the memory of childhood remains. You really just need to read it for yourself. 

5. Last time you had reason to (literally or figuratively) exclaim 'hot diggity dog'?

This phrase is defined as an exclamation of surprise or delight so I'm going with earlier this summer when our soon-to-be son-in-law asked Daughter2 to be his bride. Hot diggity! 

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

The weather, like so many things this year, has not been super stellar. Still we are taking advantage of pretty sunset skies when we can and Sunday was one of those days.

In 2020 find beauty where you can. 


  1. Congratulations to your daughter! How thankful you must be that she chose a wonderful man that makes you want to say "hot diggity dog". I can't believe I've never read Where the Red Fern Grows. I'm going to read it soon. The dogs are so sweet. They seem very content at your house. Thanks for hosting!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. What a beautiful place you live. I could sit out by that water all day and just enjoy the beauty. Thank you for sharing pictures for us to see it.

  3. Doing much of anything in this heat and humidity will definitely wipe you out! I don't know how Ed stands it, but he's out in it every day until lunch.

    I'm SO happy for your daughter! (but sorry for you that she's moving far away) I wish her much happiness! (you may recall our daughter went through the same experience your daughter 2 did, and God sent her a much better man!)

    I didn't think of "Where the Red Fern Grows", but you are right, it's a timeless classic and would've been my pick, too, had I remembered it.

    Thank you so much for the tip about returning to "classic mode" in my blog editor. It made life a little less complicated for my weary brain :)

    One last thing, I know, in the past, I know you've had your blog printed into a book. Would you mind sharing where you had this done?

    Kathy (Reflections)

  4. I've never read "Where the Red Fern Grows." I watched the movie with my kids when they were young and they were so upset by the ending. They told me I'd scarred them for life. lol

    A wedding on the horizon...definitely a hot-diggity-dog moment!

  5. I love all of your gorgeous photos and an engagement is definitely a hot-diggity moment! Thanks for hosting Joyce. Have a great day :)

  6. Funny, I picked nearly the same title for my Hodgepodge post. I had wanted to use "doggedly" in the title somewhere, but abandoned that notion when I couldn't think of anything good.

    Yes, Where the Red Fern Grows is a wonderful book. I'm glad you mentioned it.

    I think the heat and humidity may have broken here. Hope so. We had a very long stretch of it.

  7. Years ago, I taught "Where the Red Fern Grows" and I always shed a few tears and the students were okay with that.
    Technology...ugh and I don't like this new blog...I miss the old one.
    Beautiful sunset picture.

  8. I had a feeling Hunley would be staying with you and Hubs. He really does seem to love lake life! I mentioned in my post today that I stay away from dog stories because the dog usually dies and it breaks my heart. I just get too emotional when animals die in books or movies. They can kill off 10,000 people but don't harm one animal! It's a rule. Thanks for a fun Hodgepodge, Joyce!

  9. You inherited dogs kind of like we inherited our pet rats. Explained on my podge. I've never read that book and I probably should. Glad you are making the most of a peculiar summer. Those kids look so happy and sweet together. May God bless them dearly!!

  10. You may be the winner on the "hot diggity dog" question. They both look so happy and what a joy it must be to see that beautiful smile on your sweet girl's face. I have so enjoyed your amazing sunrise/setting pictures this summer.

  11. The dogs are so sweet. We are all allergic to cats. I didn't realize Daughter2 was moving away. ((Hugs)) They look so cute together. Weddings are the best although I'm not sure how you are doing it with Covid-19. It is so beautiful on the lake. Definitely a beautiful place to be retired!

  12. You can feel the love and happiness in the picture of the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. What an exciting time! The clouds in your sunset picture look like cottonballs. That is a peaceful view for sure.

  13. Congrats to your daughter on her upcoming wedding! That is a beautiful sunset picture, I think there is so much beauty in the clouds. Thanks for hosting, hope you have a great day!

  14. Hello Joyce,
    I also picked, Where the Red Fern Grows, I read it out loud to my boys and of course they cried too.
    It is hot here in Wisconsin too, unusual for us to hit 105 heat index for such a long stretch. I am excited for a North wind to start blowing in.

  15. Your young couple look very happy although I'm sure it will be hard when they move away. The dogs look very content too. Thanks for keeping the Hodgepodge going Joyce.

  16. I like the colors of the sky with the cloud picture and seeing those colors reflected in the water.

    There sure are a lot of dog books/movies. That one is a favorite of mine too.

  17. Love your answers and the sweet pictures to go with them. Have a GREAT rest of the week.

  18. Oh, Joyce, I didn't realize that Maggie would be moving several states away. I hate that both of your girls will be away. But, I know that you, just as you always do, will handle it like a champ. Sorry I missed out today but I'll be back next week.