Thursday, August 27, 2020

Three Things August

Since I can't talk about the weather every day I decided today I'd participate in this fun little hop I saw on Rebecca's blog (Knit By God's Hand). It's a nod to another month winding down, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The plans, no-plans, and the cancelled plans too since it's been that kind of summer. Bonus! You get to hear what I've been eating and googling this month. You're welcome.

Also, I think we know I could (and probably will) talk about the weather every day.
It's gorgeous here at the moment btw.

Okay,  here we go-

Three things I like about August
1. Sunday evening sunset kayaking with the neighbors
2. my knockout roses still a-bloom
3. it's almost my birthday : )

Three things I dislike about August
1. flies-they've never been a problem before but this summer they're a nuisance. Thanks 2020.
2. chaos, law-breakers, and violence in America's cities
3. we're still not doing much in person with our people

Three goals for the rest of August (guess I better get busy-ha!)
1. buy a birthday gift
2. mail a baby gift
3. finish the book I'm reading-Irreversible Damage by Abigail Schrier.

Has anyone read this one? It's really disturbing and it's non-fiction.

Three things I thought I'd use more this year
1. my car
2. my calendar
3. my guest room

Three things I never thought I'd use as much this year
2. hand sanitizer
3. a face mask

Three things I'm into right now
1. FaceTime with the grands
2. Home Chef
3. Coffee with the sunrise from my back deck

Three things I've googled lately
1. best baby/toddler board books
2. home owner's insurance comparison quotes
3. matching family Christmas pajamas

Three foods I've survived on in Corona summer
1. watermelon (let's be honest...this is what I survive on in non Corona summers too)
2. home grown cucumbers
3. tomatoes right off the thankful for my daughter's in-laws who've kept us well supplied

Your turn...leave me a comment if you play along. And if these questions don't suit you feel free to change 'em up.


  1. I definitely thought I'd be using my car and my luggage more in 2020. I love the mornings on the lake and the quiet lazy days of summer afternoons though. I have been eating way to many sugary sweets!

  2. I've hardly used my car! In a way that's been kind of nice. I was about to click on the book link until I saw that it was "disturbing and nonfiction". I'm not sure I want to read disturbing. We haven't had any watermelon yet this summer. Perhaps we need to do that.
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. The book is shocking, but I recommend it. Particularly for parents and teachers.

  3. Gorgeous photo! It's almost my birthday too, An early happy birthday to you!! This Three Things August is fun :)

  4. Love your view of the lake mornings and evenings.

  5. I heard the author of that book on a podcast, and the book is on my tbr list. She seems to have some very astute observations about what's going on in today's culture. We find ourselves talking about the weather a lot too. :)

    1. It's quite the book and I think all parents especially should read it. The weather is my favorite topic : )

  6. I would have answered most of these pretty much the same way. Your sunrise and sunset photos are always so beautiful. I would actually get up early for a sunrise that looks like that! Wow! Shannon hasn't posted in a while. I miss seeing the boys!!

  7. I'd be all about that sunrise too!!!!
    I love you facetime with your Grand :) Thank goodness for technology

  8. I played along. Finally have had a few minutes to be online.
    That's a beautiful morning view!

  9. That was fun. I'll have to see if I can play along after our busy Thursday. Kids are coming for dinner and I'll be running all night. Beautiful sunset!! Hope the rest of your week is good.

  10. This last photo you posted is stunning. Here are my 3 things I like about August:
    1. no family birthdays (the other months are full of 'em)
    2. air conditioning to make Florida's climate bearable
    3. cooler weather is getting closer

  11. That was fun. Some of my answers would be similar to yours. We're using our car slightly more now but at one point we were taking it for a run once a week or so just to make sure the battery didn't go flat! That view is beautiful. Have a good weekend Joyce.

  12. Joyce! I literally just discovered this weekend that the Hodgepodge was back! I cannot tell you how excited I was! I can't wait for this week! I shared my three things for August on my blog, I'd love it if you'd stop by! :-)