Saturday, August 1, 2020

Saturday Summertime Sweetness

The world is a bit of a drag these days, but rest assured there's still sweetness to be found. Catching up on some of that goodness here today and not mentioning the long list of things making me crazy. It's a choice y'all.

Let's roll it all the way back to last weekend when we trekked over to a semi-nearby South Carolina town and my daughter's future in-laws. Fun fact-both my girls m-i-l's have the same first name.

Anyhoo, celebrations in the age of Corona are a lot of work and a bit of a brain drain. The hostess has to think about a thousand little details that would never have occured to anyone in the pre-virus days of hosting parties.

Things like space between tables, disposable towels in the powder room and disposable masks too for anyone needing to come inside. How to serve food without anyone actually touching the utensils (a masked server with a gloved hand because hi it's 2020), and of course the weather is a worry because we need to be outdoors and it's a bazillion degrees in July, and we want people to come, but not too many people and whew! It's a lot.

Flowers and hand sanitizer as seen on Pinterest. Well maybe not but it should be.

In spite of all the hurdles daughter2's future in-laws did a wonderful job of making the whole event feel so special and I know the bride and groom felt well loved and well celebrated.

Even the sky on our drive home was cheering them on.

The soon-to-be-marrieds came back to our house for a couple of days and spent most of that time packing up Daughter2's belongings for her move north. Not going to elaborate on that because this post is all about sweet things, remember? I might mention it some other day when I'm telling you about all the things that make the mothers of grown children simultaneously sigh and smile, but that day is not today.

We enjoyed a lovely leisurely dinner one night at a place on the lake, and I'm here to tell you going to dinner by boat is definitely sweet.

The sun was setting as we motored home and it was an all around picture perfect evening.

Tuesday hubs and I met neighbors for tacos at a spot we enjoy. You eat at wide tables on the patio and the servers wear masks and it's not completely normal but it did feel almost normal. As normal as things can feel in this very strange season.

Speaking of not normal we've had some wicked storms this week, but the upside to all that is this-

God keeps His promises.

Yesterday hubs and I packed a picnic lunch, loaded up the boat, and headed to one of the beachy islands in our lake. There are many, but we'd never set up in this particular spot before and we loved it.  All tucked away in a cove away from boaters and people and everything.

The weather was sunny, hot, and humid aka perfect for swimming, fishing, and reading...

Forgetting for a moment all the turmoil in this upside down world and counting our blessings instead.


  1. Ahh, can't believe you won't have either one of the girls nearby. Ugh, bless you but hopefully Maggie won't be too far. I'm just so happy for her and she is wearing such a big smile. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness!

  2. Congrats to the happy couple! I enjoyed your "summertime sweetness" post. It's nice to read something positive during these trying times!
    I keep thinking I'll get back to blogging, but life keeps getting in the way. I'll keep trying...

  3. What a wonderful celebration! The happy couple look full of joy. A picnic in a private cove... heaven!! I sure hope D2 isn't moving too far away!!

  4. Oh congratulations and hats off the the wonderful celebration in the midst of...
    How nice to be able to enjoy daughter and future son in law after the celebrations.

  5. Glad you managed to have a wonderful party!

  6. So much happiness....just what the doctor ordered! I love all the photos. What a cute party setting. The beachy island looks like a perfect spot to visit.

  7. Looks like it was a wonderful celebration for the lovely couple! That rainbow is spectacular. Beautiful photos and those workouts are looking really good on you :)