Tuesday, September 1, 2020


I'd call this post a weekend roundup except it's Tuesday.
Do we say Tuesday is part of the weekend now?

If you're retired you do.

Anyway, happy birthday to the hubs! This picture is from last year back when you could really celebrate life's milestones. No worrying about masks or hand sanitizer or gatherings of whatever size you wanted. 

Today is still his day though, and while we won't have a houseful like we did last year, won't have any daughters in the house like we did last year, or a fun lake party like we had last year, we'll still mark the occasion with a birthday dinner of his choosing and a homemade dessert. Topped with a candle because that's the law.

We had a fun couple of days this past weekend with shhh...out of town company. I feel like I need to whisper that or at least explain, because people feel free to weigh in on whatever anyone is doing right now. Rest assured we spent pretty much the entire weekend out of doors. 

Our friends haven't been anywhere and we haven't been anywhere so we decided to be nowhere together. They arrived from the Volunteer State late Friday afternoon, and hubs grilled wings on the Big Green Egg, his best batch yet if I do say so myself. We had a charcuterie board to go with and we sat on our deck and fell right back into our old ways of talking and laughing and remembering and it was so so good. 

True story-hubs and I spent nearly every weekend of our first year of married life at their house and we're all still exactly the same. I didn't take a single picture so you'll have to trust me on that. 

Wait. I did take one picture of... guess what? 

The evening sky. 

The weather was supposed to be stormy on Saturday, but the wind blew those clouds right on out of here and weather wise it was one of the most beautiful weekends we've had all summer. We spent the day on the water boating and swimming off the dock and the sun shone and it was Grand. 

Yes, with a capital G. 

I made a pot roast in the crock pot Saturday because I thought we'd have rain but it ended up being the perfect thing. I was able to enjoy the whole day outside without worrying about dinner and I don't know why I don't use my crock pot more in warm weather. Of course we dined al fresco since that's our favorite thing, and also because it's 2020.  

Our friends headed home late Sunday morning then hubs and I boated over to Daughter1's in-laws house to catch up in person, everyone on their own raft. We ended up talking and floating for hours. Summer has been so weird and we were overdue for a full weekend of lake living. 

Also we never tire of talking about all the fun things our grand boys say and do and agreeing on how completely adorable they are and how we're the luckiest of the lucky. 

Speaking of adorable...this little guy is ten whole months old.

He's still chill, still darling and daring and precious, and still 7000+ miles from his Nana. And I know the mancub would love to be here sitting on his Pawpaw's lap today, helping to blow out the birthday candles...

...but a kiss blown from the other side of the world is pretty great too. 


  1. Happy birthday to you hubby! I'm so glad you had a fun weekend with old friends, those are some of the best times ever. Your grands are so precious. Enjoy the rest of the week :)

  2. Happiest of birthdays to your dear Hubby! Yippee for friends during the weekend. Your grands are so cute. My hubby has a birthday in September, too. Happy September to you and yours!

  3. Happy birthday to Tim! It sounds like y'all had a great weekend-long celebration that continues through today! 'Your' lake is beautiful and it's great you spent most of your weekend on the water. Those two babies are so beautiful.

  4. Those boys are just huggable adorable. Happy birthday to your hubby! He’s looking good on those skis.

  5. Happy Birthday to your husband! You share a birthday month? Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend:)

  6. The boys look adorable as always. Sounds like a great birthday celebration. Of course the lake looks as beautiful as always.

  7. Belated birthday wishes to your hubby and I'm sure the best part of his birthday was hooking up with your Grandsons - they're adorable. As for having friends for the weekend - well I think we're all having to negotiate how to cope with this pandemic. Here the rules keep changing from day to day and, as was the case in one area yesterday ON THE SAME DAY - how are we supposed to keep up with that? Lots of us are tuning out the news because it's so depressing. We all have to find our own ways to stay safe, well and sane lol.