Thursday, September 10, 2020

And The Seasons They Go Round And Round

This girl celebrates a birthday today...

She doesn't ask for much on her big day other than a blog post, so how can I not? That being said, eleven years of birthday blog posts means I might need to give this one a good hard think.

Plus thirty.
Feels like a thing, doesn't it?

Sometimes we call daughter2 my mini me. If you and I are acquainted in real life and you happened to meet her out somewhere without me, you'd still know in an instant she's mine.

It's more than just the physical resemblance. She and I also share many of the same mannerisms, patterns of speech, a particular way of seeing life.

We both work/worked as teachers

We both love to be in the kitchen.

We're both a little clumsy (sorry sweetie)

We're both determined. Or maybe stubborn is a better word? You decide.

She's a mamas girl and I am too.

Jesus loves us this we know.

We're both patient.



Overly-independent. ahem.

She and I are both September babies, and while I'm not into astrology at all, I will say she and I share more than a few traits common to the September-born.

Last night we watched an old home movie, the one from her very first birthday, and I was taken aback by how quickly the years have flown. How this small but mighty baby girl there on the screen has, in the blink of an eye, become the woman who sits beside me on the couch.

It didn't feel like the blink of an eye. The days, the moments, the ordinary living of life. It wasn't really the blink of an eye. We lived those years between then and now. Filled them to the brim with so much goodness, so much fun, of course there was hard stuff too, but it's the goodness that bubbles up most in my memory.

We grew up side by each she and I and we marked the moments every chance we got.

In the video my baby walks on chubby legs, feeds herself fistfuls of icing, smiles big at the world around her, and for a minute I wish I could be there again. Back in that dining room with the papered walls, my mom and dad at the table, her three year old sister in the middle of it all...the room bursting with

Except I don't think I'd really go back.

I know that while I might do a few things better, I'd likely make some new mistakes too. Hi. I'm a mom and we do the best we can with what we know at the time.

It seems my girls birthday posts always end up being a little bit about me too and that's okay. Our lives and hearts and beings are entwined in a thousand million ways and for that I'm grateful. I think we humans are a little bit nature and a whole lot nurture and all that I poured into mothering my daughters, the right words spoken and the opportunities missed too, all helped shape them in to the women they are today.

And the woman she is today is a complete treasure.

Welcome to this brand new decade my darling girl. May it be filled with more joy your precious heart can hold.  


  1. What a truly sweet post, Happy 30th to your beautiful daughter!

  2. Aw, what a sweet post! I hope she has a wonderful birthday.

  3. Happy 30 to your dear daughter. Love that tee! You look like sisters!

  4. You write the best posts. My kids may look back at mine and they are basically Happy Birthday with a few pictures. Thirty is a great age and soon she will be married. So much ahead for her and I wish her all the best. Happy Birthday Maggie!!!

  5. Belated birthday wishes to your lovely daughter. Lovely pics. She looks very happy.

  6. Happy 30th Birthday to your lovely daughter, Joyce. I enjoyed your post.

  7. Awww, what a lovely birthday tribute to your daughter.

  8. Happy Birthday to Daughter #2. Such a great post and such a beautiful girl!