Sunday, September 20, 2020

1,892,160,000 Seconds

So I had a birthday.  

A pretty big birthday number wise, but maybe not as big celebration wise because thanks Covid. Can you tell from my face it was still pretty great? What can I say...I love my birthday and my family tried so hard to make the day special and they succeeded. 

While I do have a few thoughts on this next new decade, I think that will be it's own post and today I'll just recap all the sweet stuff that made up my birthday week.   

Daughter2 was in the house and we had the best time running wedding errands all week long. We spent Monday morning at the party rental place, then met with the florist that afternoon. We had our hair and makeup 'trial' on Tuesday and wrapped it up with a dress fitting for the bride-to-be on Wednesday. 

Y'all. I forgot how stunning this girl looks in her wedding dress. 

No this is not her wedding dress, but I will tell you the sight of her in that gown literally takes my breath away.  I cannot wait to see the groom's face when he sets eyes on his bride on their special day.  

After the dress fitting we celebrated with crepes at our favorite crepe spot, so the order of these events would feel correct. 

1. Try the dress on and be sure it fits perfectly. 

2. Share one sweet and one savory crepe with your momma because it's almost her birthday and because we both love crepes and can never decide between the sweet and the savory. 

3. Pledge going forward not to feast on crepes or sweets in general pre-wedding. 

4. I mean except for the birthday cake we'll eat later. 

If it looks like we're eating in a parking lot it's because we are. The restaurant had some indoor seating available but we opt for dining outdoors whenever we can, especially when it's a crystal clear morning or there's a pandemic hanging about. 

On my actual birthday my little family planned the absolute best surprise. Let me just say I think every birthday needs a surprise. Not necessarily a surprise party, but definitely some unexpected little bit of happy that brings a smile to your heart and maybe a tear to your eye. 

And that's what they did.  

They had many many of my friends and all of my family record video wishes for me, then Daughter2 magically put them all together on the big screen (aka the TV) and it was too wonderful for words. No one had come close to spilling the beans which made it a real surprise. 

That evening we had a delicious dinner at a very nice restaurant in tiny town and shout out to my hubs who never fails in sourcing a chocolate cake with raspberry filling, because that's my favorite. He also knows I don't think it's a birthday without balloons and believe fresh flowers are one of the secrets to a happy life so he obliged.

It's true y'all. Fresh flowers in the house makes the world feel less harsh.  

Hubs kinda went all out on the balloons this year. I don't think he knew about these until I sent him last week to collect a giant 3-0 for daughter2's birthday, but now that he's on to them I predict there will be more jumbo going forward. 

Of course Daughter1 called and the mancub sang happy birthday from a million miles away and helped me blow out all the candles via Facetime which tickled him so much.  I have to tell you that when he utters the word 'Nana' in his precious little boy voice I have an actual pain in my heart. It's a happy/sad sort of pain but it's very real, and if you're living away from your own grands you know what I'm saying.  

Little brother clapped and smiled big and took a couple of steps on camera which also made my day/week/year, and all in all it was a lovely way to end the day and usher in a brand new decade. 

"With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come." William Shakespeare


  1. So glad you had such a great celebrated birthday. Your people know how to make a gal feel real special. Yes, those Grans can do just that, pull at our heart strings, especially from afar. Blessings abundant for the year ahead. Life just gets better for sure!

  2. Oh, how lovely! Again, Happy Birthday!!!

  3. So glad you were celebrated and loved. All sounds great to me. Happy birthday!

  4. I'm so glad you had such a great birthday Joyce. I love all the photos and I have to say you look fantastic! Cheers to a great year :)

  5. 60 is a big one!! It sounds like you were celebrated well!! The video is a great idea, especially during this crazy pandemic time. Happy birthday!! Keep the fun going the whole year!

  6. Belated happy birthday!! It looks like you had an absolutely wonderful day.

  7. Thank you for sharing your birthday with us. It looks spectacular! May you have many many more!

  8. Happy Birthday! What a fabulous day you enjoyed; you sure make this new age look great. No one is going to believe you.

  9. What a fabulous birthday! Those flowers are just beautiful and that video sounds like a wonderful idea.

  10. What a lovely birthday celebration!!

  11. Happy birthday again - lady, you make 60 look AMAZINNGGGGGGG
    I have no doubt your girl is going to be the most incredible looking bride. cant wait to see the dress

  12. How very special to be able to enjoy time with daughter and good food two boot! Those bridal gown fittings are special. So glad you were celebrated well!

  13. What a wonderful birthday celebration! Your family did a great job showing how loved and cherished you are. You look fabulous!

  14. There is indeed something so special about doing the traditional and spicing with a surprise that makes turning a year older not such a bad thing. My 60's decade was my best I think and I hope it is for you as well. We can't wait to see the bride all dressed either.

  15. Hi Joyce,
    I have been off the grid the past few days. We are working on a big house project.
    I wanted to say Happy Birthday and this was a fun, fun post.

  16. Happy belated birthday! Seems like you had a good one. Those flowers are very pretty.