Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Hodgepodge Laboring

Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered this week's questions add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for the blogger linking before you.  Ready-set-GO!

From this Side of the Pond  

1. Something you've done in recent days or months that might be described as a labor of love?

Planning my daughter's birthday dinner with all her favorite things, finding one or two special gifts that will be meaningful to her, shopping for family Christmas pjs for my daughter overseas...

Preparing foods and shopping for/making small gifts with meaning are a labor of love for me. 

2. Last time you 'worked your fingers to the bone'?

I pulled weeds on our back slope for an hour on Saturday morning, and I don't know about my fingers but I definitely worked my back to the bone.

3. According to a recent survey people named the following ten jobs as the hardest-nurse, doctor, paramedic, police officer, firefighter, surgeon, healthcare worker, bomb squad, farmer, and prison warden. Of the jobs listed which would you say is the hardest? The one you'd most like to do? Least like to do? What's one job you would add to the list?

Currently I'm going to say being a police officer in America is the toughest job there is, and the one I'd least like to do. Of the jobs listed the one I'd like most would probably be nursing. I thought about being a nurse while in college, then changed my major to speech pathology which was also a rewarding field. 

What job would I add to the list? How about window washers on our city skyscrapers? Or oil rig workers, the people who climb those ginormous communication towers...anything where you need your wits about you to do your work all the while knowing there is a danger of falling from a great height. Shudder. 

4. A recipe you make that is labor intensive, but worth it?

My mamas homemade enchilada recipe. They take me all day, but of course that could just be me. Honestly they've always taken my mom a fair chunk of time to put together too, so I think it's just a labor intensive recipe. Worth it? Absotively posilutely!!

5. Last job you did or task you completed that required teamwork?

I feel like hubs and I do things on a fairly regular basis that require teamwork of some sort. Managing the dogs (I'll feed while he waters), getting the kayaks back on the rack (he lifts and I help guide then in to place and hang on to the straps), docking the boat (I hang the bumpers while he maneuvers the boat into the slip, then I carefully, and also occasionally not so carefully, step off and pull us in), and the list goes on. We docked the boat more than once this weekend so that's probably the best example of recent teamwork.  And good news! There was hardly any yelling or swearing. 

We need this shirt. 

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Daughter2 has a birthday coming up this week and I will write a birthday post on the actual day because years ago she told me it's the one thing she looks forward to the most (no pressure Mom-ha!) but for today I want to share this-

For my beautifully strong hilarious girl on the eve of a brand new decade xoxo 


  1. Happy Birthday to Maggie!! Skyscrapers window cleaners...NOPE! not fond of heights.

  2. What a precious early gift for your birthday girl - praying God's blessings on her. However, I have a feeling that is an every day gift from you to her. Speaking of oil rigs, my nephew was over operations on one of the largest out in the Gulf for several years. He loved the work, but getting to the rig by helicopter was sometimes the most dangerous. Love that shirt!

  3. I love the shirt, it's so true! We chose similar things for the recipe, mine is Tamales. Both are well worth the labor. I hope your daughter has a fantastic birthday. Thanks for hosting Joyce!

  4. Well, can I just say that the song brought me to tears this morning. It was so beautiful and so perfect "for such a time as this." Can't wait to read the birthday girl post. Sending splashes of joy your way.

  5. Yes, police officer is a hard job right now. My niece's husband works for LA County sheriffs. And our nephew is with LA City Fire Dept--both are hard.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter! I love that UK blessing!

  6. Happiest of birthdays to your dear daughter a little early! That shirt is cracking me up because I can just imagine what is said. They could make one for "backing up the trailer" , too. Your mom's enchiladas sound real good. Today is my hubby's birthday and for half a year I'm not a whole 3 years older than him. :) Have a good Wednesday!

  7. Yes that is definitely a Labor of Love. I like the job you added to the list. Very brave people.I love that you and hubs work well as a team. I love the t-shirt! I've been listening to the song since I started reading your post. It is beautiful and thank you for sharing.

  8. I'm skipping Wednesday Hodgepodge. I have a Blogger's Birthday post today.

  9. Your answer about docking the boat made me chuckle. If I had to do that with my husband it would be quite comical, especially since he is very logical in his thinking and I am the opposite!
    What a beautiful song you shared. Yes may the Lord cause His face to shine on us, in the USA too! We need it desperately.

  10. I loved the docking the boat t shirt and how you answered #5. That sounds like me and my Jeremy.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter. I love that she enjoys reading your posts.

  11. I've seen a similar shirt for backing the RV.

    Shopping for Christmas PJs already! It will be here before we know it.

    Hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday! I always enjoy reading the posts you write to them too for their special days. What a beautiful relationship you have.

  12. Thank you for this week's Hodgepodge, Joyce! I enjoyed your answers and loved that music video. So beautiful. Happy birthday to your D2!! xo

  13. Oh the boat! Ever thought of renting a narrow boat and touring the canal system of England? Happy birthday to your daughter! And thank you for today's Hodgepodge, Joyce.

  14. Thank you so much for posting that beautiful blessing video!

  15. This music video is wonderful! They are all on pitch! It's perfect! The message of the song is sooo needed right now.

    Looking forward to the birthday post for your daughter!