Thursday, March 25, 2021

1011 Photos Are Worth At Least 1000 Words

The problem is where do I begin? 

How 'bout I do what I always do and just dive in hoping somehow everything will make sense in the end?  I'm going to link all of our vendors whenever I can because they were the best. The best of the best. There was not a single vendor who disappointed and in fact there are a couple I would like to adopt. 

Let's start with the before. The getting ready and the butterflies and the girl time spent in the world's loveliest bridal suite. 

Daughter2 had three bridesmaids and one maid of honor (in absentia because of the %#?! you know what). Everyone rallied though, and when we learned the maid of honor wouldn't be able to travel from the other side of the world, Daughter2's cousin swooped in with a sweet phone call to the bride saying she would be her girl. She would hold the flowers and smooth the dress and cry all the happy tears and so she did. 

Having a cousin stand beside you, someone who has known and loved you since the day you were born, is the next best thing to your sister being there. 

photo:Chris Isham Photography

The morning of the big day we girls all donned yoga pants and our super cute monogrammed shirts (mine said mother of the bride on the pocket) and transported all of our dresses, shoes, jewelry, wraps and at least 99 other assorted necessities over to the bridal suite located in the event venue. It only took three carloads to get it all there, but once we were in we settled for the duration. 

photo:mob iphone

The groom's mama also joined the party wearing her matching 'mother of the groom' shirt, and the bride invited her soon-to-be sister-in-law, who was reading scripture at the ceremony, to spend the day with us too. We had mimosas, snacks, and sandwiches brought in by our caterer and everyone rotated in and out of the salon chairs for hair and makeup courtesy of the fabulous Latia Curtis and Co. 

photo: fob iphone

It happened to be Latia's birthday and we all so enjoyed spending the day with her. She and her team took such good care in getting our hair and makeup just right, and honestly I'm still a little bit obsessed with the way she did mine.

Is it okay to post a picture of the bride mid-do?

photo: mob iphone

Yes, because I asked. Plus she's never not adorable and she's wearing my wedding dress in the form of a getting ready bridal robe, which needs documenting here.  

photo: mob iphone

Meanwhile, the boys were off on their own, bonding over haircuts and razor shaves at a nearby men's salon, then getting themselves into their wedding wear so they would be on time. Our wedding planner (Beckon Events) was so on top of the day's timetable I did not have to give it one minute's thought. 

photo: Chris Isham photography

Do you need to know this level of detail?
Probably not, but I need to write it anyway. 

The bride and groom opted for a 'first look' which allowed a lot of the wedding party pics to be taken prior to the ceremony. I especially loved how relaxed everyone felt by doing things in this order.

photo: Chris Isham photography

These first looks are so so tender. In some ways I think both the bride and groom fully appreciate the moment more than trying to take everything in from the altar and aisle. Daughter2 also has a blog (what can I say-we girls like to talk) and I'm sure she'll have much more to say about this particular part of her day. You can read her words here-It's Elementary

Dad got a first look too. Hubs did not want to see either of his daughters in their wedding dresses prior to their big day. There's a tap on the shoulder and you turn around and see this-

photo credit: Chris Isham Photography

Except I'm pretty sure what he saw was this-

Dads and their daughters are somethin' else y'all.  


  1. What beautiful photos you have to remember your daughter's wedding day. Thanks for sharing. I love the bride's gown and her hairdo.

  2. I looked at the wedding pictures first ! Must have been a wonderful day, the bride looks very pretty !I suppose you digged in your memories, because with the lookdowns everywhere it's not always possible !
    We are allowed to have 10 people for a wedding and 50 for a funeral ? makes sence ?!

    1. We are a bit more open in our state than you are in your country. We opted for smaller, but could have had a larger group. We were 50 in all. It was perfect and I loved the size.

  3. Aw, what beautiful memories. I can absolutely see why you want to preserve them here and I just love that your gown was made over as a bridal robe; what a neat idea!

  4. Oh, my goodness, pure loveliness! I'm just so excited for them and what a treasure these pics will be over the years.

  5. LOVE all the photos and the significance of each one. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Oh my let’s see what didn’t I just love? Your dress and your hair look WONDERFUL! I LOVE your daughters hair as well, and the detailed description of things is just what I like. The pictures are just priceless. Cant wait to see more! 🥰😍

  7. Oh my gosh, why am I crying over those last two photos! Brilliant. Wonderful photos of such a special, special day. Looking forward to more!! xo

  8. You picked some good ones today mom! I love the words shared about K coming along side me and of course the pictures of me and dad. <3

  9. This post is so precious. How exciting. You look absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Such a sweet post. You all are looking so beautiful!