Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Eat Drink And Be Married

We're getting there. We've made it to the reception today in words and pictures. Lots of pictures actually so consider yourselves warned. 

As I mentioned yesterday our reception was held on the 6th floor rooftop (Avenue for you locals) of a downtown building. Indoors because January, but with access to the outdoor space which was lovely. The views are wonderful and they've done a great job landscaping the perimeter to make it feel like an enclosed garden.

There's some open lawn space, along with a covered area that has comfortable seating and heaters. One wall of the indoor space is glass that you can open all the way up. We did not because it was January, but we did take some breaks out there. When you dance 37 songs in a row you might need to cool off. 

Daughter2 and I had been working with our planners for several months to create the mood and feel we wanted for the reception and we were so eager to see it all come together. Just before the wedding they took us upstairs for the 'big reveal'. 

It was everything we imagined and then some. 

The flowers were spectacular, the color, the textures, the lighting, the small vignettes with all of our little details...everything was perfect. 

The bride and groom made their grand entrance during the cocktail hour and immediately hit the dance floor. Their first dance was to Anywhere With You by Jake Owen and the band played and sang it to perfection. 

The bride and groom both love to dance and I don't think they missed a single song once dinner concluded. 

And now a word about the band. If you know us you know we love music and we love to dance. And yes we had a band and they were absolutely awesome. SO much fun. Music City Rhythm Revue is based in Nashville but they drove over that morning with plenty of time for set up,  then headed back home after the party. 

We absolutely loved them and now we want to plan another party just so we can hire them back. A good band can make or (if not so good) break the party and ours hit exactly the right note to make the evening pure magic. I think hubs was on the microphone at one point. It's hard to keep him away from a microphone. Or a dance floor for that matter. 

When the bride and groom finished their first dance it was dad's turn to dance with his daughter. 

Be still my heart. 

When daughter2 was a baby she liked to party party party all night long and hubs the baby whisperer would hold her in his arms and sing the Beatles tune Golden Slumbers softly in her ear....and she would sleep. It felt like a small miracle and it was so precious and I always knew this song, while not your typical father-daughter dance song, should be part of their dance. 

'sleep little darling do not cry...and I will sing a lullaby...'

So the super talented, 'tell us what you want us to sing and if we don't know it we'll learn it band' did just that. Before the song turns a little too rock they transitioned ever so smoothly into Zack Brown's The Man Who Loves You The Most. It's a good one too y'all and definitely fits with our family. 

The groom and his mama hit the dance floor next with the band playing Days Like This by Van Morrison. Afterwards a favorite uncle said some tender words and grace before we all sat down for dinner. 

The band played some softer tunes during the cocktail and dinner hour and if you weren't looking you might have thought it was the Indigo Girls. They were incredible.

The food was catered by Table 301 who has a partnership with the venue and everything was delicious. A signature cocktail was on offer along with yummy passed hors d'oeuvres including oysters rockefeller (fantastic!), bourbon molasses meatballs (the groom's favorite) and mini cheddar chive biscuits filled with duck confit and a housemade orange marmalade. 

We had a sit down plated dinner because we like what we like. Honestly in this season a plated dinner is a great option, but we would have gone this route regardless. I like the pause a sit down dinner adds to a reception. Everyone can relax and I wanted the bride and groom to really enjoy the menu they chose, which was perfect for a chilly January evening...a duo of braised short ribs and pan seared Chilean Sea bass. 

Wedding cake for dessert of course. 

Here's to grooms who treat their brides with tender loving care when it's time for the first bite. 

The rest of the evening went by in a minute. 

The dance floor was never empty and we were sad to see it end, although my feet might not agree. 

We had fun. 

Can you tell? 


  1. Definitely! I loved seeing these photos so much. What a special day filled with beautiful memories.

  2. I love a live band and I love Daddy Daughter dances with songs that have special meaning. At Megan’s wedding it was a slowed down version of Landslide which we discovered Stevie Nix wrote for her father.

  3. Oh my goodness! Everything about this looks just perfect! What a fun, fun, day just jam packed full with wonderful moments that you’ll treasure and remember always. Soo happy it all went so well. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness together!

  4. Tears in my eyes because this is so beautiful, so meaningful, so very wonderful.

  5. I love ALL of the pictures but I really love the one of the two of you holding hands during the blessing!!! Everything looks just perfect and the joy of the day literally jumps out of the pictures!!

  6. This has been such fun! I’m just thrilled beyond words for sweet Maggie!

  7. What a wonderful wedding! I agree with the designated seat. We went to a wedding (pre-Covid) that had 2-3 times the amount of guests than tables and chairs. It was supposed to help everyone mingle (which the Bride and her Mom love to do), but for introverts, like us, we felt like we were standing in the way. We had to take turns to eat at the table, and felt rushed so that the elder guests could have their seats back.

  8. I have loved all the wedding pictures. I especially the love the ones of you and your hubby dancing...so fun!

  9. Crying now -those pics of you and Tim! The bride and groom sure radiate happiness!

  10. Maggie looks so very radiant and happy!! Beautiful wedding!!!!

  11. Oh my gosh, I cried over the beauty of this! Absolutely wonderful and perfect!! Thank you for sharing the love and the fun with us! xo

  12. Fun indeed! All the details were so good. I would have been a mess when with that tender father daughter moment.

  13. You definitely need to make these wedding posts into a book! You are so good with words. I loved this post and the photos are spectacular and precious.

  14. Congrats to the couple! Looks like it was a superb event. Like you, I enjoy being at weddings where the music is good and the people are dancing.