Tuesday, May 11, 2021


It's feast or famine here in terms of blogging. How about just an ordinary Tuesday what's new with you kind of post? 

We spent a lovely spur of the moment weekend in the mountains where we did a little bit of shopping and a lot of eating. We stayed in the charming town of Highlands NC which has so many wonderful restaurants it's hard not to indulge. 

I took almost no pictures and just enjoyed the views and the company. 

It seems like we've gone from doing absolutely nothing to a somewhat busy calendar these past two weeks which may explain why, when we pulled in the driveway on Sunday I remarked, 'Hey look, someone has gifted us a beautiful bird bath.' 

I don't know who I thought might have done that, but hubs said, 'yeah, I put that out there about four days ago and have been waiting for you to notice.' Apparently all this staying at home has messed with my powers of observation. 

We're still blaming everything on Covid, right? 

Anyway, the lovely purple finch has been enjoying the new splash pad and I'm sure has friends who will join him before too long. 

I heard from both my girlies via Facetime on Mother's Day which is not as fabulous as having them here in person, but still very special. Daughter2 sent me a framed wedding pic of the two of us that I absolutely love, and daughter1 sent Farmgirl Flowers of which I am a big big fan. Their creations are completely extra, plus there was a fun little bag of goodies tucked inside the box too...Swedish candy, salted caramels, toffee popcorn, a couple of face masks, and a candle. 

I spoke to my own mama Sunday afternoon and every Mother's Day I have with her in my life means so much to me. 

In other news we've got a couple of little-ish interior home projects going on, and I specify interior because if you know my hubs you know he has a never ending list of exterior home projects and would happily landscape, plant trees, plant shrubs, plant more trees and more shrubs if I didn't intervene. 

I'm changing up my office right down to the walls, re-doing our keeping room with a larger, lighter hued rug, and four new comfy chairs, adding wallpaper to a water closet in one of the guest suites, new bedding in that same guest suite, and reconfiguring shelving in my closet. It will be a lovely re-fresh when all is said and done. It's hard to believe we've been in this house nearly four years now but the calendar does not lie. 

Does 2020 count double time because I feel like maybe it should? 

The weekend is looking lovely so perhaps an inaugural boat ride is in order. We like to let the pollen calm down before we do too much boating, and like I said, we've been busy with projects and assorted other goings on. Hubs had the boat out once for a quick 'let's make sure it's running' spin around the neighborhood, but I haven't had a ride yet this season and I'm thinking it's time. 

Yes it's Tuesday and I'm already talking about the weekend. 

It's nice to be a little bit busy but I also know I cannot be busy all day every day. Chalk that up to life lessons learned courtesy of Corona and the crazy year that was. Is? Whatever. Here's a picture of the Cobb salad I made for dinner last night-

Because salad pics are blog content on ordinary Tuesdays. Enjoy yours! 


  1. Hurrah for a getaway! Sounds lovely. Cracking up about the birdbath...

  2. Beautiful flowers and the salad looks delicious. Glad you got to "see" your girls on Mother's Day.

  3. Sounds like a lovely getaway... good for you! I totally get being in an "oblivious" state... happens more often that I'd like to admit. I hope the weather holds and you can get to take your boat ride.

  4. Your getaway to mountains sounds like medicine. Some like the beach, but time spent in the mountains is my refreshment. The flowers and goodies plus a memory picture also sound like perfect gifts. You are so blessed with thoughtful and loving daughters.

  5. Those flowers are gorgeous.

  6. Those flowers are gorgeous! Also, your cobb salad looks way fancier and impressive than mine!

  7. That salad looks so good, Joyce!! Your flowers are gorgeous and I know you enjoyed face-timing with your #1 & #2. I spoke with both of our boys and their ladies which is always nice (though not as good as in-person). Get out there on that water and enjoy the first ride of the season!! I hope pictures of the interior spiffing-ups will be coming soon! xo

  8. Salad looks delish!! Sounds like you had a fun get-a-way to the mountains!!

  9. That's too funny about the birdbath. It's the opposite way at my house. :) Glad you had a fun getaway!

  10. I loved the story about the birdbath. Ha!
    A special Mother's Day indeed!! I was blessed too, both my boys came home for the day. And Sam's girlfriend Catie, she gifted me a Mother's Day gift, which made my heart swell. My boys did too. It all was special and made my week.

  11. Glad you got to get away. That is funny about the bird bath. The flowers and the picture frame sound lovely along with the treats! I want that salad.