Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Boy Oh Boys!

We had the grandboys here last week so while Daughter1 and the Dr. Major were holiday-ing it up in Charleston, hubs and I were manning the fort here at home. 

These boys sleep like champs, and then wake up raring to go. There is no gently easing in to the morning with your coffee. It's more like whoohoo!! Par-tay! Let's build robots and castles and let's throw balls and race cars and ask all the questions and read all the books and sort all the shapes and then let's eat all the things and then whew, is it time for lunch? 

Nope. It's only 9:37 am lol. 

It feels like it should be time for lunch.

I have the utmost admiration for my daughter who does not turn on the television set, but instead is doing all of the above every single morning. It requires a level of self-discipline, focus, and intentional parenting that I think is amazing. When my girls were toddlers I'm pretty sure I woke up with my coffee and Sesame Street before we tackled any sort of playtime. 

We tried to plan a little outing each morning and while once upon a time you were doing this with your own children, you kind of forget how much effort it takes to get everyone dressed, pottied, shoes on, car snacks made, and car seat belts buckled before you're on your way. We forged ahead though and had so much fun with our guys. 

We took a 'hike' to a nearby waterfall where there's also an abandoned tunnel complete with an old train car sitting in the middle of the woods. Hike is a relative term when you're talking four and not quite 2-years old but they were troopers. 

We did not venture all the way to the bottom of the falls, but settled for a fun splash through the stream up top courtesy of Pawpaw. 

We spent another morning at a nearby attraction that is billed as a farm, but has all sorts of fun and games set up this time of year for kids of all ages. 

There's a huge corn maze but we thought that was a little too much for our gang so we walked in a ways, walked back out a ways, and called it a win. 

Max would have been just as happy to stand right here all day throwing footballs and baseballs at a target. 

He was also a fan of the rock wall and sometimes I forget he's not even two years old yet. He's a talker and a doer and best of all a snuggler. 

The mancub zip lined and then did it again and again and again. It was a nice height for a first timer and he did go fast. Absolutely loved it! 

His true love though is the water and if he did nothing but run off the dock all day every day he'd have been a happy camper. I swiped this picture from a video so the quality is not great, but ain't nobody got time for picture taking when there are docks made for jumping. And yes, you have to yell Cowabunga when you jump because that's the law. 

Nana and Pawpaw got in the water too, which is still about 80 degrees but the air was something less than that, ahem. All good once you're wet, and nothing tires a little boy out quite like jumping off the dock 847 times in a row. 

Tires a Nana out too in case anyone is wondering. 

Besides hiking and swimming and jumping and climbing and farming there were acorn hunts on the  neighborhood walking path-

Donuts the size of your head from The Donut Wagon (hi Momma...don't worry, we shared!)

There was pumpkin painting and playdough, not at the same time of course....

Basically we stayed busy busy busy so bedtime would be easy peasy. And it was...

Nana and Pawpaw were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. 


  1. Love, love, love!! Now, I know why you must have kids when you are young,but I know you all enjoyed every second!

  2. Oh, so glad that Nana and Pawpaw are getting to make these special memories with these precious boys. There's nothing like it. WE head to Oklahoma next week to see our boys.

  3. Oh my gosh, I have smiled all the way through this post, Joyce. I am so darn happy those kiddos are back in the USA and that you are all making such wonderful memories!! xo

  4. What fun. Everyone just looks so happy.

  5. Aw, what exhausting fun. LOL. Having 3 boys myself I well remember the energy and the frustrating in trying to get us all ready and out of the house.

  6. This post is beautiful. I love all the photos and you really gave them a wonderful visit. I can tell you that I am a different person when I am with James. I feel young again! I'm so happy you have then in your life.

  7. I do so love this post, Joyce because it is full of joy and happiness and reality. The boys are adorable and must be so much fun. They will remember those days with Nana and Pawpaw as will you. Build up treasures on earth.