Monday, October 18, 2021

So Happy Together

How is everyone on this spectacular Monday morning afternoon? I hope your weather is as lovely as ours. How can anyone not love autumn? 

Remember when I said August was busy around here? Well October is coming in a close second with grandchildren in the house, my niece's wedding with lots of out of town family here to celebrate, my momma staying on for a couple of weeks after, hubs trekking to South Dakota for a pheasant hunt and just so many everyday life happenings on the calendar. Whew. 

I guess life slowing down is an illusion and we're okay with that. I mean sometimes we want a nap but really we're okay with full. 

cousin crew

So...a week and two days ago my niece tied the knot with her favorite guy and y'all...all of my children and all of my in-law children and all of my siblings and my momma were here for it. I can't remember the last time all of my siblings were together. 

I want to say it was Christmas of 2017 which doesn't sound right but photos do not lie. We have been together in various combinations of two or three, but all of us plus my mom in the same place at the same time? It's been a good long while.   

Friday night hubs and I met my brother and younger sister and their spouses for dinner downtown. There was a huge and well attended festival happening in the small big city this same weekend so it was a little bit nuts trying to get ourselves parked, but we did it and we ate in a restaurant we hadn't tried before so that was fun. 

Afterwards we walked around some before meeting up with the rehearsal dinner crew, which included both of my girls and both of their husbands. This weekend was the first time my sons in law had met in person, which seems crazy and in any other decade would have been, but connecting in the 2020's has not been simple. 

The wedding was Saturday evening and the venue was gorgeous. Tucked away out of the downtown area, but not too far out of the downtown area, with a view of the mountains and a secret garden vibe, these two cuties said I Do. 

The weather was fabulous the entire day and the entire night except for the thirty minute ceremony slot where the skies opened up just a little. Nothing terrible although our hair might say otherwise, but on the literal bright side-

Not every bride gets a rainbow on her wedding day. 

Sunday morning Daughter1 headed to her in-laws to collect her boys and bring them to the hotel so they could meet what I'm sure felt like everyone in the universe. It was so much fun. 

I loved watching them soak up all the love a big loud funny family brings to the table, and it just made my heart want to burst. My own girls have so enjoyed and benefited from having lots of aunts and uncles in their lives who support and love them more than words can say and these little boys are the next generation to be scooped up into that embrace. So precious and such a gift, one I don't take for granted. 

My younger sister, her husband, and my nephew had a later flight out that evening so we had brunch with them downtown then they drove out to the lake and my nephew went swimming with our pup. Yes it's mid-October, but it was plenty warm and the water even warmer and he was a happy camper. 

So was my nephew-ha! 

My mom isn't flying home for another week or so and my older sister (aka mother of the bride) and I have been sharing time with her. My sister lives about an hour from me so there's some back and forth in terms of miles but we've made it work and it's been nice to have this relaxed time with my mom. 

Hubs has gone on the hunt for birds of the pheasant variety way out west so it's just us girls for a few days. We're working puzzles, playing cards, and soaking up the glorious weather all from the cozy comfort of my porches.  

I was reminded this weekend of how very much we need our people. Not just on facetime or via text, but in person, beside us on the couch, eating at our dinner tables, giggling over something funny or talking over some bit of everyday ordinary life because those things are more easily shared when you're skin to skin as opposed to screen to screen. 

We are made for being together. 


  1. How wonderful that you were all together! I love big family gatherings and they just haven't been the same since "you know what". Enjoy your time with your mom, I would give anything to be sitting at a table putting a puzzle together with my mom right now. Have a great week.

  2. Your dear mother is just beautiful! Family gatherings make my heart so full - even those of my friends! I grew up with many cousins, aunts, and uncles. Loud conversations, laughter, and love. It helped to form me into the person I am and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Yes to those boys being scooped up into that embrace! So important and so wonderful. Thanks for sharing all the love with us!! xo

  3. Yes, we are made to be together and I'm so happy you had this very special time with your family. I'm just so thrilled that the boys are not across the pond anymore. Thoroughly enjoyed this post!

  4. Oh yes we are! The older we and our kids get, the more I realize this. Every moment together becomes more precious. Thank you for bringing us into your family gathering; that helps us know them and appreciate your people all the more.

  5. Joyce, I loved all of this. Such a beautiful family you have!

  6. The pictures are precious. What a wonderful time you had. This post is so sweet and the time you spent with family will live in your hearts forever.