Monday, October 25, 2021

Monday Morning Quarterbacking On Monday Afternoon

So what's new with you on this Monday morning afternoon? I always intend to blog on Monday mornings but one thing leads to another and before you know it I've missed my window. 

We had a nice weekend here, busy and full to the brim with beautiful weather. Hubs made it back from his pheasant hunt without incident and I have a freezer full of birds to prove it. Now to think about cooking them. I need to do a little sleuthing and find some wonderful new recipes because it's been a couple of years since I've been in charge of cooking pheasant. 

Friday evening we attended a fundraiser for our local Humane Society, where we bid on a few things but didn't win. We settled for catching up with friends there we hadn't seen in person in a long while and that was fun too. 

Saturday one of my college friends invited us to a football game in the nearby small big city. Our alma mater was playing our daughters' alma mater which created quite the dilemma in terms of dressing. I mean our money went to the home town team but our hearts are always and forever with our college team. 

Our college team which is having a phenomenal season and remains undefeated so whoohoo! 

We settled for wearing all the teams lol. Hubs wore a hometown team shirt with our alma mater hat and I wore the home town team shirt with my alma mater jacket. 

Which I had to put on at the very end of the game when our alma mater pulled out a win in the literal last thirteen seconds of the game. Yay! But also kind of heartbreaking for the home team who were outplaying and winning almost the whole afternoon. 

Except for those crucial last thirteen seconds. 

We headed back to the lake right after to hang out with some neighbors who were hosting an at home tail gate for the Clemson-Pitt game. It did not go well. The game I mean, the tailgate was fun. Rough year for our Tigers. 

We moved to our own couch right after so we could watch our favorite Tennessee Volunteers take on 'Bama, and while it started off with a bang it did not end on a high note. 

Unless you're a Bama fan. 

Which we are not. 

Did you come here for the football scores? 

Sunday after church hubs and I took a long overdue fall boat ride. A picture perfect day on the lake and my favorite kind of boating...the quiet kind-

And just like that it's Monday morning afternoon.


  1. Love the pictures of the boat ride.

  2. My boss is a 'Bama fan, through and through. One of our biologists is an Auburn grad. They are at each other often! Flags, signs, little hidden jokes... makes it fun, even though I don't follow football anymore but I do try to pay attention to the scores before I go to work on Mondays. The boss was quite happy today. Your lake is so pretty! I enjoyed my visit here today, Joyce! No word yet on Hunley's win, I guess? xo

  3. What a lovely fall boat ride! Sounds like an exciting weekend game wise.

  4. It sounds like it was a perfect weekend.