Monday, November 8, 2021

Happy Halloween! And Other November Things

I am obsessed with autumn this year. Every year I guess, but this year especially. 

I think it's the light. The light is pure gold and the lake off peak is gentle and still. 

I know the days are shorter, but the way the sunlight breaks through the trees makes up for that. Blue jeans, fires, cozy mornings, change...just give me all the autumn things. 

Hubs and I took a drive across the border a couple of weeks ago to have lunch at The Greystone Inn on Lake Toxaway. 


Let's see...what else...hmmm... hey, remember Halloween? Ha! 

Cutest family ever. I love all the 'themed' costumes you see young families coming up with today. 

Speaking of cute, do you also remember the newlyweds? 

They were here this past weekend en route to their new home some distance south of us. West of us? Somewhere that's not here, but not too too far from here either. We had a wonderful visit as evidenced by this picture taken late Saturday afternoon-

And I'm sure you remember Hunley-

He won the Garden and Gun Magazine Reader's Choice award and continues to live his best life every single day. You can read a link to the article on their website here. 

The contest was a lot of fun and he received over 90,000 votes. People had to detox from their phones and their Facebook when it was all over because friends, and friends of friends, and former coworkers, and their friends, and Boykin Spaniel lovers the world over were all in on this thing for an entire month. 

I've thought about the way we entered this contest on a lark and how it literally took off, and why that was. I've decided it was about so much more than a dog photo. I think people were so eager for a distraction from this upside down world we are living in, so hungry for a break from all things political, anxious to forget all the scolding and the judging and the lecturing and the shaming and the canceling, so much so that they devoted themselves to something simple, something happy...

A little brown dog, who for a time in the middle of a beautiful autumn and an angry world, connected us in a way that made us smile.

Let's keep smiling. 


  1. Loved this post! And congratulations to Hunley!

  2. Oh yes!! Let's do keep smiling!! Hunley and the contest captured many hearts! It was fun, fun, fun... much needed fun! Love the Saturday afternoon nap photo! I am happy for ALL that the kiddos will be closer to everyone and are out of the nasty cold and snow! Have a blessed week ahead! xo

  3. What absolutely gorgeous photos! I LOVE fall too but our colors have still not really changed just yet. Enjoy this new week!

  4. Loving all the beautiful fall photos! I too love fall and try to soak up every minute of it!

  5. Awesome pictures and equally awesome post
    Congrats hunly.nice work Joyce.

  6. What beuatiful photos. Fall is one of my favorite seasons too.

  7. Love your post. So many beautiful photos and I always love seeing the color of the leaves. Love the Halloween costumes and also the napping on the sofa. I was so excited when Hunley won!

  8. the snoozing shot. That's relaxation right there. That's a great themed family Halloween. Love the costumes! Congrats to Hunley!