Sunday, May 15, 2022

Showered With Love

What a fun, full, fantabulous weekend we've just had, with friends and family here to shower the momma-to-be with love and diapers and lots of baby blue. What a treat to have both my girls and my grandsons in the house all weekend long.

Their husbands were working so it was just the originals for a few days, which is marvelous and rare. The originals plus the grandsons which is also something special. 

The mancub photobombed almost every picture snapped this weekend which was hilarious and precious. Baby Max was having none of it. He was too busy making change and ordering 'cleanup on aisle 4' through the microphone on our Barbie cash register, circa 1990-something. I found it while rifling though some boxes last week and it was a big hit. 

We took a boat ride Thursday afternoon, everyone but the baby momma who at almost nine months pregnant was not up for a cruise. 

The boys took turns playing captain and the mancub did his best to try to talk us into letting him go for a swim. We finally let him put his feet in and he decided for himself to wait for next time. 

Friday we spent the day doing the final prep for our Saturday celebration. Hubs brother and sister-in-law arrived with his mom late afternoon and after an easy pizza dinner we girls got busy wrapping up the food and decor, and laying out the umpteen hundred dishes, serving utensils, tablecloths, bowls, platters, and glassware we were going to haul up to our clubhouse Saturday morning. 

We made twenty two hundred trips to the car to get it all loaded and then another twenty two hundred trips from the car to the clubhouse to get it all unloaded, then did it all again in reverse once the shower wrapped up. Whew! I could not have done this without daughter1 and my sister-in-law who are rock stars when it comes to this sort of thing. 

The shower was darling. I could not have loved this theme more and all the little details came together so sweetly to make a really lovely day. 

the grandmothers

Once I discovered daughter2's wallpaper from the very first house we brought her home to some 30+ years ago I knew I wanted a Peter Rabbit theme. I love the stories and soft colors and the garden setting so that's what we did. 

Daughter1 found the cutest printable on Etsy, a giant book taken from the Tale of Peter Rabbit, but personalized to the mom and dad to be. She ordered a poster sized print, had it professionally mounted on some foam board, and set it on an easel with fresh greenery added both top and bottom. 

We used A Beatrix Potter Treasury as our guest book, and set up a mini-garden, complete with Peter's little blue sweater hanging on a stand my brother-in-law made. 

We used fresh cabbage, radish, a watering can filled with hydrangea, and some marigolds and terra cotta pots to complete the look. 

There was a jar filled with cottontails for everyone to guess the number and lettuce seed packets as favors for our guests. 

Lunch was a 'make your own salad' from Mr. McGregor's garden served on my china, my grandmother's china, and daughter2's mother-in-law's china which all felt extra special. 

We had green salad, pasta salad, chicken salad, fresh fruit salad, and pimento cheese served on a combination of my sister-in-law's beautiful cabbage dishes and my Italian vegetable bowl and platter.

 Guests were also served a cup of carrot-ginger soup and there were yummy cupcakes for dessert. 

We played a fun game and oohed and ahhed over all the cute baby boy clothes and gear she was given. Baby gear has surely come a long long way since I birthed mine and that's a good thing. 

the great-grandmothers

The best part of the weekend was seeing Daughter2 surrounded by so many people who love her so dearly. Friends and family who have supported her, rooted for her, and prayed for this precious little boy she and her hubs are adding to our family. 

We don't know him yet, but we already love him more than words can say.


  1. What a fun, fun shower celebrating the new baby boy. Such a fun event making for a life time memory.

  2. Everyone looks great and you three girls could all be sisters, Joyce. Mancub is too cute and good-golly is he growing up!! What a great celebration and how fun to have the girls and the two boys with you for a wonderful, long weekend! xo

  3. Looks like a darling celebration. This year is also the 120th anniversary of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. A few stores in England (M&S) have celebratory clothing.

  4. What a wonderful shower. Everyone looks so happy. Grandson #3 is going to be greatly loved!!

  5. I love a great themed party and y'all did a great job! I love all of the extra special touches!

  6. This was such a beautiful way to make your Daughter2 feel as special as I know she must be. The theme was carried out to perfection. These moments of family joy are memories not easily or quickly forgotten but absorbed.

  7. It's funny; your comment about how it was the originals and grandsons struck me because as much as I loved visiting my parents with my whole family, it's also kind of nice to have it just be me and the kids (or one kid) with my mom. It seems special somehow.

  8. What a lovely weekend! I love that shower theme. I was a huge Beatrix Potter/ Peter Rabbit fan myself.

  9. Absolutely adorable shower decorations. Love the book display. Way too cute! Love all the photos and I know how special this time was for you with the girls and the grandson's in the house.

  10. You pulled off the theme so well. Love the blue sweater on the post! Glad you had that good help. I know how much that means to putting on an event like this. Sweet that you could all be together to celebrate this precious addition to the family. Your photo bomber is so cute!

  11. Oh Joyce... you can see the joy in all of your faces. I love the pic of you and your girls. Everything looked so adorable too!!

  12. My goodness, you sure know how to put a fun party together!!!

  13. Oh Wow! What a great theme for the shower and so well carried out. But when it all comes down to it love is the thing that matters most and there clearly was a lot of that going on.