Wednesday, May 11, 2022

There Once Was A Hodgepodge On Wednesday

Welcome to another edition of your weekly Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for the blogger before you. Here we go-

From this Side of the Pond
1. What do you never get tired of? 

watermelon, popcorn, small acts of kindness, a bright blue sky, watching the sun rise

2. My mother made the best enchiladas.

3. What machine or appliance in your home aggravates you the most? Why? 

Besides the computer you mean, because that's a given? Of our home appliances I guess I'll say the TV. The remotes still make me crazy, I guess because they are basically mini computers. I try, but operating the tv like a computer does not come naturally to me. 

4. What are three things that brighten up your day when they happen? 

A facetime call with the mancubs
A spontaneous invitation to dinner 
Checking off my to-do list

5. Thursday (May 12) is National Limerick Day...write a limerick about relating to spring weather, spring blooms, or a spring event (five lines, the first two lines rhyme with the fifth line, the third and fourth lines rhyme together).

There once was a bird on a rock
His eyes on a chipmunk were locked
He swept in for the grab
The chipmunk he nabbed
His dinner he ate on the dock. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Who plays Mahjong? I'm learning and it's a lot of fun. I probably don't need any more games to play but this one requires a bit of skill so good for the brain, right? 

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  1. Oh, yes! Watermelon, popcorn, sunrise (and sunset!)....for sure!!!

  2. Great answers today!! I'm really impressed with your limerick. I cheated on mine (but gave credit!). We have majong groups at church and a lot of my friends play. They say you really do have to think!

  3. I've always wanted to learn how to play that - give me any game & i'm down to learn.
    YES - something so satisfying about checking off a To-do list item!

  4. As much of a planner as I am, I also do love spontaneous plans, especially if we can go and we aren't in the midst of other kid-related things.

  5. Great job on that limerick! We have a couple chipmunks that should be eaten. :)
    We have an old Mahjong set that Dear's father acquired somewhere years ago and we bought a manual on how to play but we still haven't played. The set is old enough that the pieces are ivory and the box is mahogany,. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Enjoyed all your answers. Thanks for the questions too.

  7. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one intimidated by the smart TV's remote! I could sure go for a good enchilada about now; sadly, what passes for Mexican food here can't compare to New Mexico cuisine.

  8. I really enjoyed your limerick! I do believe you've written them before!!! Have a great week and weekend!

  9. I loved all. your answers...and your limerick! Also, my aunt taught me how to play majong when I visited..I really enjoyed it. I'd love to buy it but it's not cheap and I don't know if anyone would play with me. Do you play the actual game or did you find an app you like...can you share which one if it's an app because I've looked but wasn't sure which would be a good one.

  10. Thanks for another fun Hodgepodge, Joyce! I enjoyed your answers and your limerick is great!! xo

  11. Loved your answers for #1. Yes, TV remotes or DVR remotes can definitely be a challenge. Those would definitely brighten your day and I need to start making a lists to check off. Awesome limerick! I have never played Mahjong. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  12. I love Mahjong. I have it on my phone and it's one of my go-to games. A bright blue sky, yes!! I like your limerick!

  13. This is an interesting weekly exercise. I stumbled on this via Lisa' blog.
    I am just taking the liberty of posting the answers to a couple of questions here.
    What I never get tired of ....
    What machine or appliance in your home aggravates you the most? Why?
    The mixie. It makes so much of noise!
    (My latest post: Post-book blues and All my A to Z Challenge blogposts)

  14. What do you never get tired of? ....... Reading blogs at random. There is so much to learn, and love to look at things from a different view.