Monday, September 19, 2022

Another Trip Around The Sun

So how did we mark the voyage? When I say 'we' I mean hubs and my girls and their boys because they're what make the day special. Good friends help too. 

For starters the weather was absolute perfection and you know I'm all about the weather. 
Also, hubs and the girls have no control over the weather, but whatever. 

Another also, the girls and their boys were not in the house but whatever. Hubs and I boated into the real Friday Night Lights because I like my birthday to last at least three days. 

There were bright blue skies all weekend long, a gentle breeze, and church on Sunday morning. There was a light lunch on the porch right after, and a nap for hubs because birthdays and college football games where kickoff isn't until 8 PM on a Saturday night wear a body out. 

In the days leading up to my birthday I had my teeth cleaned, my eyes checked (aka another new prescription), and a small something which was fortunately nothing taken off my back by the dermatologist. This is 60-something. 

I know those things happen in every decade but you give them a lot more space in your brain at this age.

Saturday morning we kayaked. The pup nearly drowned me in his efforts not to be left behind (we were not leaving him behind!) but we all survived and he swam and chased sticks and jumped on and off the boat because he was that excited. 

I get it. Birthdays are exciting. 

Hubs bought me yellow roses and a delicious chocolate cake with raspberry filling which is tradition. This year he managed to order just a six inch cake and my waistline thanks him. So good though! 

The girls sent cards and presents and we facetimed and the oldest grandboys sang happy birthday while the sweet baby gave gummy smiles that light up his whole face. Mine too. 

Three deer ran across the yard when I stepped outside with my Sunday morning coffee.

That evening we drove a few towns over with friends to eat sushi at a place we love. It's a tiny town but the sushi is on point. 

We laughed a lot. 

It was a weekend filled with some of my favorite things...beautiful weather, physical activity, porch sitting, book reading, wonderful food, faith, family, and friends. 

Ordinary bits and pieces that, when combined, somehow made the ordinary feel a little bit extraordinary. 

"May you live every day of your life." Jonathan Swift


  1. What a lovely birthday celebration you had. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Joyce, another wonderful post. :-) Thank you for sharing from your heart, I love that about you.

  3. I love hearing about birthday celebrations that last (at least) three days and include little men singing Happy Birthday and others offering gummy smiles!! I saw that sparkler on your piece of cake shooting fireworks into the air on Facebook! Lots of fun!! So many blessings, including another year ahead!! xo

  4. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!!

  5. Belated birthday wishes to you dear lady.

  6. Belated birthday wishes. Your celebrations sound perfect!