Monday, September 5, 2022

The Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was light on labor and big on fun, family, good food, and foul weather. We didn't let that foul weather dampen our spirits though, and it was the most fun-full Labor Day weekend we've had in a long time. 

Daughter1 and her two boys drove over on Friday from their Tennessee home. Her hubs was on call this weekend so he couldn't come with, and it was a long drive for her.  We all do what we must to have family time, and she's a trooper. 

Also, seven months pregnant so go her! 

They arrived about 6 PM and the grandboys hopped out of the car and asked to go swimming. Why not? We put on our bathing suits and cowabunga-d off the dock. 

Not the pregnant lady. She sat in a lounge chair and watched and everyone was happy. 

Daughter2 and her hubs and baby boy drove over from their Tennessee home on Saturday morning. It rained buckets but they arrived without incident. We oohed and ahhhed over baby boy and then hubs, my son-in-law and the mancub crossed 'swimming in the rain' off their bucket list. 

Oh and their chiahuahua learned he is in fact a water dog, much to everyone's surprise. 

The sky was so gray all weekend long and we had a tremendous amount of rain all weekend long, but no  thunder or lightning so we made the best of it. Swimming in the rain is how you make the best of it. 

Saturday night daughter1's in-laws, who live nearby,  joined us for dinner. As it happened our brother-in-law was traveling north from Florida and was also able to join us for dinner and stay the night. He hadn't met the newest little guy yet and doesn't get to see his nieces often, so this was a treat. 

Hubs grilled wings and brats and the in-laws brought everybody's favorite sweet potato cake for dessert. Since hubs celebrated a birthday on Thursday the boys added candles and helped him make a wish. 

On Sunday daughter2's in-laws drove over from their home to spend the night and celebrate daughter2's birthday. And see the grandbaby of course, but that goes without saying. Hubs and I really enjoy both sets of in-laws which is such a blessing.

Hubs and my son-in-law (along with their talented sous chef) grilled a ginormous brisket for our Sunday dinner-

They actually put it on the Green Egg the night before and spent at least another 24 hours discussing the finer points of grilling-ha! 

It was de-lish! I made a chocolate cake for the birthday girl and there were more candles and wishes and gifts. It was noisy and sweet and oh so special. 

Daughter1 and her crew left Monday morning for their ridunkulously long drive home. Goodbyes are always hard for sisters turned aunts.

Plus her six hour drive turned into more than nine hours and we just hope she'll come back lol. 

Daughter2's in-laws left a little bit later in the morning, and there was a miniscule break in the weather so we let baby boy have his first dip in the lake. It took longer to get him in the swim suit, hat, and life jacket than he lasted in the water, but it was super cute so that's something. 

We spent the rest of the day relaxing on the porch (there will be a nap in my week somewhere!), made a shepherds pie with some of our leftover brisket, and then watched college football because it's that time again. 

We love a full house and having family and extended family here is a true labor of love. Hope your weekend was full of the people you love too. 


  1. So glad for you that you had so much fun with your family this weekend. Your grandsons are just so cute!

  2. Oh boy all the sweetness, cuteness, food and fun! I can imagine you needing some time to put your feet up after all the action and nonstop boys. Ugh about the long hours on the road. It is truly a blessing for all the in laws to get along. We enjoy that gift, too. Happy belated birthday to your hubby and daughter. My Dear has a birthday this Friday.

  3. Wow, what a great weekend you had. So much company. The food sounds and looks great. Sorry about the weather but how nice that there was no thunder or lightening. You are a great entertainer and so happy that your weekend was so awesome!! Always enjoy seeing the family photos and of course the grandchildren.

  4. Oh my goodness, everyone had a great time and thanks for sharing the photos of all the fun! That brisket looks amazing! The little ones are adorable and your girls look fabulous. A houseful of happy memories made! Times to cherish!! xo

  5. That sounds like a full and wonderful weekend indeed! I just loved all the photos! I hope your daughter-in-law can rest after all that driving. I'd be a zombie after that.

  6. Oh, P.S. We had rain most of the weekend all day today too and they are calling for more tomorrow!

  7. I think all the smiles tell the story of how your long weekend went. You and Hubs are definitely hosts and memory-makers extraordinaire.