Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Recording The Hodgepodge

Welcome to this week's edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. As a reminder, there will not be a Hodgepodge next week (September 28th). The Hodgepodge will resume the following Wednesday, October 5th. 

If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post. Be sure to leave a comment for the blogger before you because comments make the blog world go round. Here we go- 

From this Side of the Pond

1. Volume 478. Sounds like a lot. Where were you in 1978? If you weren't born where were you in 2008? 

In 1978 I was a freshman in college. I was living in East Tennessee, making new friends, picking up an accent, and settling on what I would be when I grew up. 

In 2008 my Daughter2 was a freshman in college. I was living in England, making new friends, picking up an accent (or at least a new way of saying things), and growing in so very many ways. 

2. Raise your hand if you remember records playing at a speed of 78 rpm? What's a topic that when it comes up you 'sound like a broken record'? 

Raising my hand, but we were mostly all about the 33's and the 45's. 78's were a bit before my time. 

A topic where I sound like a broken record? Hmmm...well I do like to talk about beautiful weather lol. 

3. What's the last thing you recorded in some way? 

I suppose many will reply with something they've added to their DVR, but for me I think of recording as writing things down. The last thing I recorded (besides this Hodgepodge) would be my weekend birthday celebration right here on the blog (Another Trip Around The Sun). 

4. Thursday is the first day of fall (in the northern hemisphere). How do you feel about the changing seasons? Something you're looking forward to this fall? 

I love the changing seasons.  I like the rhythm they bring to life, and the way each season has a particular beauty all its own. Out of all the seasons though, summer rolling in to fall is my favorite. 

Something I'm looking forward to this fall? Lots of  things, but especially attending the wedding of our long time and very dear friend's daughter.  We live miles and miles apart and are so excited to spend time with them in person.

5. In what way (or ways) are you like the apple that didn't 'fall far from the tree'? 

Many ways...I wrote a whole post about this very thing once upon a time. You can read it here-One Of These Things Is A Lot Like The Other

In short, we both love books, shoes, Jesus, our grandchildren, a cup of hot tea and a good puzzle. We're both stubborn, sensitive, and independent, and we both like to make holidays and celebrations a big deal. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Monday night...

"Softly the evening came with the sunset." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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  1. Your description of your inherited commonalities could have also been mine - except for the tea. Mom and Dad were big coffee drinkers and I have never been. Regarding the shoes, one of my mom's lessons was, "If you can only afford one pair of shoes a year, make them quality." Guess which era she was from, and the lesson stuck, I still buy good shoes. Thanks for sharing your amazing outdoor views.

  2. "Picking up an accent" - that made me laugh. Tennessee accents are really one of my favorite!!!

  3. I was around for 78's but never had any. I never even thought of my DVR which I use everyday! It's nice that you write. Enjoy the wedding this Fall. Love the things you both enjoy. What a beautiful sky. Enjoy your day!

  4. Thanks for the questions again this week...they were fun. I enjoyed reading your answers here and that last photo is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. That is a beautiful photo! I am so overwhelmed lately, I'd love to just sit and look at something that pretty.

  6. What a gorgeous sky! So calming.

    I didn't own any 78s, but my parents did. Back when an album was literally an album, with a number of different records in paper sleeves inside it.

  7. I always forget to link up but remembered this time! Joyce, thanks for another fun Hodgepodge! You challenge us and you allow us to conjure up memories and share our feelings. Thanks for that!! Will miss you here next week!! xo

  8. Beautiful photo and happy belated birthday! That wedding sounds like it will be lovely!

  9. I actually forgot that 78's were the old ones. I'm not sure I knew about those either . . .but I may have said I did on my blog - oops! Thanks for the questions.

  10. I enjoyed your answers. I'm late to commenting...which seems to be what I've doing a lot of lately. I like your idea of recording things down as far as writing. I was thinking of wanting to start keeping a journal since I feel like I never remember memories, etc. I loe the changing seasons too. What a beautiful ending photo.