Saturday, September 10, 2022

The Times Of Our Lives

Doing what I do every year on this date and that's write something for daughter2 in honor of her birthday. She told me once it's one of her favorite things about her birthday and that thought has stayed with me. 

A ten year old memory popped up on hubs facebook page this morning, a picture of him with the birthday girl taken in an apple orchard not far from our NJ home. 

It was probably taken the year before and he was sharing it on her birthday because it's a sweet photo.  The day was bathed in almost autumn light and had the cozy feeling that eases in as summer turns to fall.  

That was then. 

This is now. 
Ten years is a long time.

Also the blink of an eye. 

That's how raising children goes. One minute they're sleeping in the bed upstairs and the next they're swaddling a child of their own. 

Birthdays remind us to savor the gift of another day. To look back and see all the ways we've grown and changed, but also to love where we are right now. To acknowledge we don't control the future, but it's in good good Hands. 

Happy birthday my darling girl. The year ahead will bring you joy and dirty diapers. Moments of wonder and weariness and wow. Beauty and barf and boogers and a love so big some days you think your heart might burst. 

That's motherhood. The good-the bad-the hard-the bliss. All of it. 

I pray this year you are overwhelmed by the goodness of God in the extraordinary ordinary moments of your life.  xo Momma

"Time is free, but it's priceless." Harvey Mackay


  1. I always enjoy these as well. ;-)
    Happy Birthday Prayers to your Daughter #2.
    xx oo

  2. I enjoy your birthday posts, too, Joyce. So beautiful. Happy birthday to Maggie! xo

  3. This post is so sweet and precious. Happy Birthday to Daughter #2!

  4. Good afternoon, I pray this is a great week for you, I will not be visiting too much as I have started a new focus on my blog whereby I am encouraging women daily to focus more on God through various means that hopefully will bless them while they demonstrate Jesus to others in their world! I just feel that I have been a bystander Christian and if others are, too, then Im trying to make it easy for them to live more intentionally. There will be good stuff daily and I am hoping folks will stop in. Blessings!

  5. I enjoy reading your birthday posts too. Belated wishes to Daughter #2

  6. Nothing at all to add to this other than "Happy Birthday" to your beautiful new mom who is blessed with the example of what a mom truly is all about.

  7. Belated birthday wishes to your beautiful daughter!