Monday, October 10, 2022

On The Road Again

I paused my road trip recap for a fun, full, family-filled weekend but am back on the PCH today, figuratively speaking of course. 

Day 4-San Clemente to Santa Barbara

We waited to get on the road until about 9:30 because everyone scares you about the traffic you're sure to encounter getting around LA. We experienced no delays whatsoever, but we also didn't make any side trips or stops as we were anxious to get around the city and on our way north. 

When we were planning our trip we knew we'd be in the vicinity of the Reagan Library, and hoped there would be time for a stop. Since we made such good time around the city when we saw the exit signs for the library we decided to go for it. 

What a beautiful location and fitting tribute to our 40th president. Ronald Reagan was a leader I very much admired, still admire, and the library is definitely worth seeing if you are traveling in or around the area. 

There's a retired Air Force One in the building, along with a former Marine One, and you can board both for an up close look. 

Reagan had a wonderfully optimistic view of America and the deep love and pride he felt for this country was apparent in all he said and did. 

His ranch was just a few miles from where the library sits today, and looking around it's easy to see why he so dearly loved the time he spent here.

After touring the library we drove on to Santa Barbara, a charming seaside town, arriving at our hotel early afternoon. We stayed in The Lavender Inn and loved this quaint hotel with all of it's small sweet touches. Hubs helped himself to homemade cookies while I got the low down from our very helpful front desk manager on getting to the beach, shops, and restaurants. We dumped our bags in the room and walked a short few blocks to the beach to see what we could see. 

We meandered along the harbor walkway before grabbing a snack at Finneys on State Street. Then it was back to the hotel for a glass of wine in the hotel lobby and a really nice chat with a couple from another part of Cali (by way of Kentucky), who were also guests of the hotel.  

At the hotel manager's suggestion we went for dinner on the pier. While the pier was within walking distance we opted to drive as we were unsure about walking back in the dark. Turns out you can drive your car all the way out to the end of the pier, a little freaky but that's how it's done so we did it. 

Rock crab at the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company... 

With a side of sunset view for the win!! 

"Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music." 
~Ronald Reagan


  1. It's fun to see your journeys along the coast of Cali. Our sons were born in Huntington Beach, our daughter in Ventura. We lived in Ventura '84-'88.. We lived in Camarillo from 2006-2010. Our nephew is a pastor in Santa Barbara and his wife is a high school English teacher there. Hope your healing is going well!!

  2. Hi Joyce, I am enjoying traveling along with you. :-)
    I recently listened to Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs interview R. Reagan son Michael Reagan, it was so fun.
    Hope you are on the mend. xx oo Carla

  3. That rock crab looks SO GOOD!! Beautiful views and I also loved Reagan. We need him back! Thanks for taking us along on your journey!! xo

  4. Another fabulous and fun filled day. I think I would have been so nervous driving out on the pier.

  5. Sounds like it was a perfect day. What a wonderful trip you had. Love the photos.