Saturday, October 22, 2022

Putting The Car In Park

Bringing the recap of our trip up the California coast to an end today. 

Day 8-Half Moon Bay

This pretty little seaside town was the setting for the wedding of our friend's daughter. We've known her since she was a tiny tot and all her siblings too. 

My how the years roll by. 

We have lived a lot of life beside this family and always pick up right where we left off. 

The day started early for us. It dawned on me as we were driving into town that I would not be able to do my own hair for the wedding. Or do much of anything really, but after a week in a convertible I definitely needed hair help. No way I could get my arm in gear for that, so we phoned the hotel and they gave me the name of a nearby salon. 

The salon was of course completely booked but the stylist I spoke to was so kind and said she'd come in at 8 am to help me out. Don't you love when businesses go out of their way to be accommodating? (Aqua Beauty Lounge)

Hubs drove me over for the appointment and then we spent the rest of the morning hanging out with friends before going back to the chowder house next door for clam chowder and a lobster roll. 

Fog moved in to the bay and made for a gorgeous ethereal setting for the vows. 

The ceremony was followed by a fun reception with dinner and dancing (yup, I danced, broken elbow and all) and then we sent the bride and groom on their way with bubbles and best wishes. 

Here's hubs with the father of the bride who is one of our most favorite people in the whole wide world-

Another sister of the bride...she and my daughter2 are good buds and have known one another since birth. 

These boys all worked together once upon a time, one is second generation which is fun to see. 

We love this family so much. We treasure all the memories made and love the here and now too as we celebrate and navigate the changing seasons of our lives. 

Day 9-Saulsalito to San Francisco to home to Urgent Care

We had an overnight flight Saturday so the whole day was ours to fill. We took a long walk beside the sea with the bride's parents (nobody can say I wasn't a trooper!) then had breakfast at the hotel before saying our goodbyes and wow this was fun and can't wait to do it again! when more of their children tie the knot. 

Hubs and I have both been to San Fran more than once and honestly have zero desire to go into that city now. We needed a plan for how to fill the day and since hubs loves Sausalito and I'd never been we pointed the car in that direction and off we went. 

It was a gorgeous day and the city was bustling with people. Such a cute place! We walked a while then had a leisurely lunch with a seaside view at Scoma's. It was so good and the atmosphere, the service, the gorgeous setting, and of course the food were all wonderful. 

After lunch we walked some more, admired the boats in the marina, then made our way to the airport. Our hometown team had a game that night and since we were on west coast time realized we could watch the whole thing while eating dinner in the terminal. 

We got home the next morning (Sunday), collected the pup from the kennel, and called my doctor who advised I get back in the car for an x-ray pronto. Well, pronto after a 2-hour wait in the urgent care and three days after my son-in-law advised the same. When the doc walked in the room her first words were, 'You're holding your arm funny', followed by 'Even without me seeing an x-ray I can tell you you'll be leaving here in a splint and a sling with a referral to the orthopedist'

Party's gotta end sometime, right? 

Once I knew it was fractured I gave in to reality and basically hubs has been waiting on me hand and foot (elbow?) ever since. On the bright side it was a non-displaced fracture which meant I did not need surgery. Recovery is going very well and as the doctor says 'in another three or four weeks you can do a pushup'. 

A pushup? How about we start with drying my own hair? 


  1. A beautiful bride, great friends, beautiful scenery, and yes... you are definitely a trooper!! Now, what color is your cast?!! Thanks for sharing your amazing trip with us and I pray your elbow heals perfectly!! xo

  2. What a wonderful trip and wedding. Thanks for sharing all your pictures. I hope you arm is healing well.

  3. What an awesome trip and to share in the wedding was "icing on the cake." The elbow injury, well, so sorry that happened. Hoping it is soon recovered as you have another Gran about to make their entrance. Happy weekend!

  4. Loved this blog post, and especially the clever ending. When I shattered my shoulder in 2008, styling my hair became a major concern. I feel your pain, so to speak. So sorry for your injury. Love the dress you wore to the wedding. All the pictures are great. Glad you're back home. Praying recovery goes well.

  5. This was fun Joyce, thank you for taking us to California with you. :-) Praying you continue to heal well and back to those.. pushups. ;-)

  6. What a lovely wedding!! I am so glad to hear that you didn't need surgery and hope you'll be back to doing your own hair in no time.

  7. What a wonderful event at the end of your trip up the coast. Wonderful times with friends. Glad you went right past downtown San Fran and onto Sausalito. Keep taking it easy while you heal!

  8. That looks like a gorgeous trip and a gorgeous wedding. I've never been to California, so that was a nice visit!

  9. That was so nice of the salon to do that for you. What a lovely setting for the wedding. The photos are so lovely with your friends. Your hair looks lovely. What a special day for you two. Looks like a nice day after the wedding. Praying you continue to heal and do that push up soon!!!